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Where can I learn to code?



The best way to learn HTML\CSS is through practice. What I used to do was pick a website and try to recreate it locally. When there is something you are unable to do check out one of the many reference sites such as W3 Schools.

For video tutorials you could try the Microsoft Courses for web development all free, the html one is below:

HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

Microsoft also have loads of other web based courses on creating windows apps, python, mobile apps, html games and much more. Just click the link below:

Web Development

Another course provider I have always found interesting but don't know anyone who has done it is:


Any Questions I'm happy to help


affiliate is good. You just have to practice though and get used to everything.

You can also try Udemy. They are actual online courses that are cheap and you can read reviews and everything. I took a $10 course for app design and another for web design. They were great and were lecture/video format with lots of examples and practice projects. If you're okay with spending a few bucks to learn I would easily go with Udemy.


If you are beginner in coding like html/css then w3school is the best site for you to learn something new with easy examples....