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When to Use Video Ads and Where to Find Ad Creative Ideas


Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
According to Statista, the video advertising market is predicted to reach $241 billion by 2028. Video creatives have emerged as the most popular advertising format. Cookwithcrafted magazine reports that videos have 25% more reach than static content, while Dashhudson Media asserts that video advertising achieves a 48% higher conversion rate than static advertising.


Today, we're going to focus on pre-roll ads. These are the ads you see before the main video content starts. We'll find out which verticals work well with pre-roll ads and where you can find them.

Which verticals should you promote with pre-roll ads?​

Pre-rolls can convert on all verticals, but it really depends on where the ads are shown. Typically, you'll find pre-roll ads on mainstream video hosting websites, pirate websites, and websites that have adult content.

On mainstream video hosting websites like YouTube, people aren't usually interested in grayhat stuff. They're more likely to be interested in ads related to whitehat offers like e-commerce products or software services.

However, if you're working with grayhat offers, you'll want to consider advertising on adult websites or pirate platforms. Pre-roll ads perform best for the following verticals:
  • Adult porn, adult games, adult webcams
  • Dating
  • Gambling
Here's an example of a pre-roll ad that’s promoting a gambling website:


And here's what a typical pre-roll ad for an adult gaming website looks like:


The platform you choose for your pre-roll ads depends on the type of content you're promoting. So, it doesn't make sense to advertise adult content on pirate websites that share TV shows and movies because there won't be any viewers. However, platforms related to casinos and betting, for example, might attract the right audience.

Where should you look for websites to advertise on? Many advertising networks offer video ads. However, it's important to choose the right network because pre-rolls face the same problem as annoying push notifications and pop-up ads: lots of irrelevant or fake traffic. Luckily, MyBid protects you with an advanced anti-fraud system. For video ads, we have our own list of trusted resources that we constantly monitor and update, so you don't have to worry about getting low-quality traffic.

But the main challenge isn't finding the right website; it's coming up with ideas for your pre-roll ads. That's what we'll discuss next.

Where to get ideas for video creatives​

If you're new to affiliate marketing and think that video advertising requires actors, professional filming, and expensive production, that's not necessarily the case. The approach to video ads depends on the specific geo or vertical you're targeting.


Since prerolls work well in gambling, dating, and adult niches, let's look at where you can get creative ideas for them.


For gambling ads, there are plenty of sources available. YouTube and Twitch are great platforms to find videos of streamers playing in casinos and winning big. You can simply play those videos and use screen recording software like Bandicam to capture the desired parts.


If you're more interested in showcasing gameplay rather than the streamer's reactions, you can choose any other video, maximize the screen, and record it.


Here are a few channels with plenty of suitable sources:
The last channel is particularly interesting if you want to feature celebrities playing at casinos. You'll find exciting moments from their streams, and these streamers usually have millions of subscribers.


Finding sources for adult ads is even easier, depending on the type of offer you're promoting. If you're advertising a porn website, you can create a compilation of short clips from that website. For webcam promotions, you can do the same by selecting and recording videos from various live streams. Sometimes, you might not even need to change the audio. Websites like BongaCams offer millions of ideas for creating adult ad creatives for free.


Adult games are slightly more challenging as you can't access them directly without spending money. However, you can still use gameplay footage from these games, which is already available on websites like Xvideos in the form of separate videos. Simply find suitable videos and put them to work.



Prerolls in dating often appear on adult platforms, so webcam resources are also suitable for sources. There's another very useful source for finding materials: Telegram.

In Telegram, you can find hundreds of videos of girls explicitly expressing their desire to meet someone. Often, these videos are compiled in dedicated channels for dating. You can take any relevant video and use a video editor to add text like "Looking for a guy, meet me here..." and include a link to the offer. The image below shows a frame from one of these videos.


What not to do?​

One common mistake beginners make is relying solely on search engines like Google to find sources for creative materials in the adult niche. There are a couple of problems with this approach. First, if you do find something, chances are other affiliates have already used those sources for their own ads. So, it won't be unique or effective. Second, you can spend a lot of time searching and end up finding nothing useful. It's better to use the recommended resources mentioned earlier.

To sum it up:
  • Don't rely only on search engines to find adult creative sources.
  • The sources you find through generic searches are probably already used by other affiliates.
  • Instead, use the specific channels and websites mentioned earlier for more effective and unique creative materials.


Pre-roll ads convert well, particularly in the adult and gambling niches. Setting them up is not as complicated as it may seem, and they can generate high-quality traffic. The key is to make the ad visually appealing and engaging enough for users to watch and click on. This is where some people may encounter difficulties, but your personal manager at Mybid will always be there to assist you. They can evaluate the performance of your pre-roll ads, provide insights on how to improve them.