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When submitting articles, am i allowed to...


I want to start getting some traffic to my site and am thinking about submitting some articles soon. Anyways, I have written all original content on my site, and they are all basically articles. Can I submit the same articles that I wrote on my site to a place like ezines (or any other article directory)? Technically, i know i can do this, but will this hurt my ranking with google in the future, or what not?

Thanks everyone.



Some say that duplicate content can hurt your rankings, some say it doesn't matter as the content is not really entirely duplicated because each article submission site is based on a different platform (code).

Here are some relevant thoughts on duplicate content.

sites, with a link to read more on your own site. This way you will get people to your site to find the rest of the thing.


Article marketing is a good way of promoting your website. So long as you do it properly.

Cristian made a good suggestion on the link you could read on.
It is also wiser if you could do other ways of promoting your site to get more traffic. There are both paid and free ways to advertise your website. A good marketing mix would do just great. If you are after getting targetted traffic, best that you could do is opt for PPC campaigns, paid targetted linkbacks, forum promotion thru signatures - these would get you the targetted traffic that has the highest conversion rate.

You may also want to refer to this checklist to further promote your website.

Free methods:
Submission to SE's and directories
Article marketing
Email campaign
Forums, blogs and board postings to targetted audience
Social Bookmarking
Etc. etc.

Premium ways: (Should require a budget)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Targetted Link backs
Professional SEO services
Ad spaces
Offline campaigns
Etc. etc.

Just always keep in mind that patience is a virtue in our industry. Hope my suggestions help out.