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whats happening with google adwords ?



before 2 days i post a google adword add , i set my daily limit to $ 30.00 and my Default bid $0.15 Max CPC , with all my keywords been active with not any problems i send online my add and in one day i had 136 clicks, not even one keyword were inactive at that time ,
next day i log in to my adword account and i see that all my keywords are inactive and the minimun bid were $ 1.00 with and max $ 5.00 :eek: ,
so i was like whats happening the same keywords i use the day before and i got 136 clicks today are all of them inactive .

is this happend to anyone else in the past ?
or is just the way google adwords act when you have good traffic

thanks george


Yeah, you got smart priced. Not high enough CTR to justify the low bids.


Build a seperate adgroup for EACH keyword and make sure the keyword is in your ad copy at least once (preferably twice) and on the landing page if possible (even better if it's in title or h1 tags).


hi Linda !

in the past i had some problems using affiliate codes in destination urls , so now i use my domain name which i forward to my affiliate code link and use my domain in the destination URL.

you think this is what cause the problem ,
i was thinking also about branded websites to get indexed in google but i m not sure how it will work with the keywords because i download one branded site and i was planning to upload it to my domain and try to index it with google, but when i checked the sourse of the homepage i couldnt see any keywords placed ,



Linda Buquet

Well... getting indexed in Google (natural search)
and the requirements for Adwords quality score are 2 different animals.

On the branded site if you are saying you could see none of the text in the source code - no plain text copy at all, then it may just be java script which the search engines don't read for the most part.

However it's possible a branded site could work for PPC.
What Adwords wants to see and what Google bot wants to see are different.
Read the Adwords quality guidelines I gave you above.
These blogs may be helpful too.
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