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What's all the hype??

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by ThexWizard, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. ThexWizard

    ThexWizard Affiliate affiliate

    I keep hearing so much about the social bookmarking program from.. bmdemon.pcti-system. com .. and I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried it? Everwhere I look on the internet I hear people praising this program as if it was gods gift to marketers...It's almost like a weird cult of personality, reminds me of obama mania before he got elected. I'm about to start working on driving traffic to my new blog and I'm thinking about giving the program a go because of all the great things I hear about it and it's supposed unmatched effectiveness.. Can anyone out there verify these claims from first hand experience or dispell them as hype ALSO from first hand experience?? Thanks
  2. newbidder
  3. jaikanth123

    jaikanth123 Affiliate affiliate

    what is hype/

    Well, Multiboxing is having the ability to simultaneously control more than one avatar spread over different accounts during a single time span. Multiboxing has become quite popular within the Massively Multiplayer Online Game World of Warcraft.
    Now lets explain this more in depth. Let's say I own two accounts in World of Warcraft. By using a multiboxing program I can login to my main account like usual, but then I can open the program and split the screen in half, having the ability to control both characters at the same time.
    Essentially, you are able to move and control more than one character at any given time.

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