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What You Should Have if You Want to Start Making Money With CPA

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Redamrg, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Redamrg

    Redamrg Affiliate affiliate

    What You Should Have if You Want to Start Making Money With CPA

    3-Mobile ad Network
    5-CPA Network

    - I Recommend a minuman Capital of 1200$
    -200$ will be used in test compaigns
    - The rest $1000 will be invested in successfull Compaigns

    If You Dont Have $1200 You will Just Waste Your time on CPA

    2 -VPS
    - Never Use shared Hosting
    -Shared Hosting Kill ROI
    -Loading Time is Very important in CPA game
    -I Recommend Beyond Hosting

    3 - Mobile ad Network
    -Focus On Mobile Offers
    -Mobile ad Network : Samatoo , Tapsense , Facebook Ads, ...

    CPA Offers :
    _Submit offers
    MO Flow : SMS Relpy
    MT Flow : PIN

    Im Honest With You Guys this is 2016 so Forget About Desktop Offers

    How To Choose CPA Offer
    - Ask your aff manager
    - Weekly Digest

    - Best Tactics To Choose an offer :
    1.Never Predict
    2.Spy on other CPA Marketers
    3.Never Stick To 1 offer

    How To Try CPA Offer

    -Always Create 3 to 10 different Banners
    -Always Create 3 to 5 different Landing Pages
    -Lunch Traffic
    -Start Optmization : Banners,landing,placement,device,Carriers

    The time to forget working on CPA Offer:
    Invest *8 on Mobile Offer
    No Conversion = STOP
    Conversion = Split Testing & Tracking

    4- Tracking Tools

    CPV Lab

    5- CPA Networks

    Appflood , YeahMobi , Maxbounty , ... You will find a lot of CPA Network in this Forum

    That s it if you Follow This Guide Making With CPA is Garanteed .
  2. newbidder
  3. IndeXer

    IndeXer Affiliate affiliate

    You are totally wrong, till my first $30,000 I didn't reinvested even a single cent. It is not compulsory for you to invest in order to earn in CPA. You just have to use your brain. That's it.

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  4. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I am someone who is much interested in the CPA type of marketing. I have read the post above and the only thing that has moved me and surprised me is the amount required as capital to start the campaign and earning eventually. Does this mean that it is the only way for you to go through the network successfully. I have all the above requirements except that amount of money. I just fast question, personally speaking, how much did you spend on the CPA for you to start making returns?
  5. affilirant

    affilirant Affiliate affiliate

    You make some good points but I don't agree with all for example your right its 2016 but Desktop is far from dead and wont be in the immediate future so to skip desktop offers doesn't make sense imo.
  6. HCFGrizzly

    HCFGrizzly Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Need $1200 to start? I guess I`m the lucky one that started without investing money.
    Forget about desktop? Oh boy....I guess I`m going to take up farming because my desktop sites will not work in 2016 :(

    Where are you getting these facts from? Just your opinions or do you have data to back up your claims?
  7. Redamrg

    Redamrg Affiliate affiliate

    For just your informations guys , im not talking about 600$ monthly im talking about real CPA Business ,and big money , let s say i have test 20 offers for example and 3 offer works great , i was losing 100$ in test , and i want now to get my 100$ plus 2000$ , i need money to invest , i have just 50$ now . i invest it i get 120$ , but the cpa network will pay me in th end of the month , at this point i will stop because i dont have money to invest , after all this work and time i will lose a successfull compaigns because i dont have money to invest . plus if you are a beginner you need to start with spy tools , and just copy compaigns , you need money for spy tools also , you need money for advertising .
  8. cpajunkie

    cpajunkie Affiliate affiliate

    $2,000-$10,000 in traffic would be ideal. I would burn thru 1k in no time lol.

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