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What the hardest part for you?


Hey I'm just in the middle of starting a coaching program and I was wondering what are the top 10 questions that online/affiliate marketer have when starting out or when you started out if your already making money.

I want to address every possible topic I can to make it easier for the novice marketer to make a kicking online and as for when I started off, I had so many questions and was getting confused with things because I couldn't figure them out.

Any comments or suggestions?


Mal Keenan

New Member
How do I set a website up? Bog or regular website?

How do I get traffic? How does affiliate marketing work? Should I build an email list?

These are just a few that come to mind. The most important one and most frequent from my list is how to get traffic.


New Member
What content should I be sending to my list?

What is the most effective strategic plan for a affiliate marketer?

How do I make sure my niche market is a profitable one?

:D :p

Linda Buquet

How to find the right niche.

Once I find a niche how do I find and evaluate the best merchant?

Whats EPC? Is it a valid metric?

What converts better banners or links?

Whats a datafeed?

Those are just a few I've heard quite often here and other forums.


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Hi Dorian,

One of the question that people are not asking thewselves is to define the "WHY" do they want a home business. Yes we all want to make money but why? In my opinion, there must be other reasons and goals related to this matter.

Goal setting or objectives in term of business is also important. I know it can be a little hard at the beginning but like any business, we should have a plan. For example, I want XX signups withing the next 3 months, my goal income is $X,XXX in 6 months, something measurable.

Also, people has to consider there is personal development when starting a home business and continuous learning. New people in the industry need to feed their mind with positive things and training material.

Is your program fully "duplicatable"? Is there a step-by-step training guide or a marketing system that comes with your program? That's another tricky thing in network and affiliate marketing.

Hope it will help you.