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What It Takes To Run A Successful Affiliate Mastermind Group

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by cashmoneyaffiliate, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. cashmoneyaffiliate

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    Affiliate marketing has always been a difficult industry and of recent it is becoming even harder to become successful within it, but this is only if you’re choosing to operate by yourself.

    As with anything, it’s easier to achieve goals if you function in a group who share the same interests and have similar drives. Today, there are even more applications that can block your landing pages and reveal your best-converting campaigns to competitors.

    This is where the benefit of learning affiliate techniques with others come in: you can share ideas with people who are different, who think differently and can provide different angles that you can all benefit from.

    In this industry you spend many hours working by yourself, especially if you’re just starting out, but as you progress the benefits of groups and networking should become clear, and if it isn’t already then hopefully this post will make you realise it is.

    In the affiliate industry, groups of affiliates getting together and learning together is called masterminding. The benefit of these is everything I said above, and it also makes it easier for everyone involved as you can collectively cut through all the useless information there is regarding affiliate marketing out there.

    Still, when a large group of people get together it’s very easy to lose track and control on the topic(s) you’re all meant to be discussing. To make sure your get together, gatherings or mastermind is successful you should

    • Give as much as you take. That means contribute. Don’t be afraid that any piece of information share means it’ll damage your chances of making money. If anything, it will inspire others to contribute more. Affiliates are competitive about anything.

    • Don’t share information outside of the group. That defeats the whole purpose of the Mastermind.

    • Although it’s alright to discuss other things that might not be related to the mastermind try to always stay on point. I advise making your group about one particular thing as Affiliate marketing is a big industry, so narrowing it down will make your mastermind more successful.

    • Smaller groups are easier to maintain. You can learn more and they last longer. As well as this, with less people you’ll connect with each other more

    • There’s nothing wrong with being part of more than one Mastermind. Different groups will be about different things, so learn as much as you can.

    • If you have the opportunity to meet any of them in person take it. This could be at a conference. Get together in person and work.

    • Don’t be afraid to call out anyone who isn’t bringing any knowledge to the group. If you feel like someone’s slacking. Let them know. If they continue, then they need to leave.

    • If you feel like the group isn’t benefiting you then move on.

    • Make sure just not anyone can join your group: screen them so that the members are more or less all on the same level. This will make things work faster if you’re all on the same level of expertise. Another way of screening is to make sure you only have members who are absolutely 110% serious about succeeding by adding a barrier to entry, similar to what I have done with the Mobile Immersion Mastermind Group by only letting Gold Mobile Immersion Members join.


    It’s also important to set dates and times that you can all meet, and make sure everyone sticks to them.

    There are plenty of affiliates out there, but you don’t let everyone in your group. Find people in forums, conferences (which is the whole point in conferences: networking). If there are any affiliates meeting up in your area or near it then make sure you attend and network. If you have an affiliate manager be sure if they anyone that would like to create a mastermind group with you, if so then be sure to ask to be introduced.
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