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What is the best service to use to advertise?

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by Svetlana90, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Svetlana90

    Svetlana90 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everyone!

    Did anyone of you used the services of Adnow?

    You can earn a lot by using the system and it has a lot of advantages. Here is a link to the website www,adnow,com
    Let me know what you guys think...

  2. Voluum
  3. MarinaKimia

    MarinaKimia Affiliate affiliate

    Hi @Svetlana,

    If you know an AM from Adnow let them know that @ Kimia we help networks monetize their remnant/unsold mobile traffic on adult and mainstream.

    We have world coverage, top markets such as India, however we do also focused on connecting and optimizing less saturated markets.

    Lately we are having really good results in NG and KE.

    We have many more markets on all tiers, that will interest you!

    Just let me know ;) skype ID: mlopezarranz
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