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What is a publisher or an affiliate

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by seeqer, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate


    I was a little bit confused this week regarding my role as a publisher it turns out. I wrote this below in hope this could help other newbies clarify their role and perhaps start a discussion as what we are or see ourselves as publishers or affiliates.

    Also for old timers it could be a chance to share with us how you saw your role as a publisher in the beginning

    I was confuse a little bit about my job as an publisher (that works with a cpa network to promote an offer from a company) with the job of a salesman that works FOR the company that use the network.

    I was taking things to much at heart as if I was part of that company. I was forgetting I am part of the cpa network and how the company runs its business with customer is NOT my problem. If the company has a bad customer services, it is their problem. It is the problem of the management if one of his employe is being a to aggressive salesman. In fact this could be what the company wants. Maybe the company wants a pushy salesman. As long the offer is legit it can be promoted.

    I was advised also to say the least as possible and just focus on selling.

    So this got me thinking that if I try to hold the customers (the leads) by the hand or be helpful it could backfire on me. I was thinking that explaining to potential customers the terms of the trials that I would be helpful and helping the sales as well.

    I realized that if I had done that, I could of been in hot water. If for some reason, I created some sort of confusion or gave the wrong information it would be my fault. Being helpful is nice when you open the door to other people but when it comes to sales, it is the job of salesman or the sales department of that company. The same goes for the terms of use or the terms of the trial. Those are NOT my problem.

    My job as a publisher is to advertise with landing page and drive traffic.

    It is not my job to hold customers by the hand or to spell out for them the terms of a trial offer especially when these terms are right there on the page quite visible or sent in the box with the trial product as instructions written on paper.

    I also was afraid for my reputation if I was doing an offer with one of my websites. I was afraid that upset people would spread a bad reputation about me because I promoted that offer.

    My job as an affiliate or a publisher for a cpa network is to promote offers, drive traffic and make sales and do all of that as ethically as I can. Good ethics is not only good for building a good reputation for myself but it is also good for the offer, it is also good for the company using the cpa network AND also quite good for the cpa network.

    In the end the disagreement between customers and companies are between customers and companies. We publishers are a bit like the walking advertising. We are like the people wearing costumes and carrying an advertising with us. We are like the owner of a huge billboard that advertise someone else product or someone else services. We just promote, draw attention, bring visibility, drive traffic and help make sales.

    For some reason I just mixed the roles of salesman with that of an affiliate/publisher. Go figure.

    Also, I noticed that quite a few complaints on website such as ripoffreport dot com comes from people that do not read the terms of use, terms of the trial offer (like how long they have for the trial). Also they are other people who just jump on the bandwagon without actually knowing what actually happened.

    Sometimes the line between publisher and salesman can be a bit blurry.

    I am a newbie who wants to do well but you know ... sometimes doing more to help can be a bad thing.

    What do you guys think?
  2. terraleads
  3. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate

    I forgot to say that as a publisher it is my job to use the methods allowed by the cpa network to promote the product in a legit way. Landing page is one way to help make a sale.

    Anyway, maybe for many of you it was all crystal clear since the beginning.

    For me the nuance was not that obvious.

    Feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    The things is there are several levels of affiliate also.

    Say for example someone like myself who has a public persona to uphold. I affiliate for companies who sell traffic, methods, tools etc and often will review them and tell people to sign up via my link. However I will NEVER endorse a product or affiliate for something I haven't personally used or tested with a positive reaction.

    In the same sense I will affiliate for networks and push offers I don't even know what they do. So you have to find the balance between advising something yourself, where by you need to make sure it works. Or staying behind the keyboard with offers as a number game and just pushing traffic.
  5. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks K!

    That is interesting.

    I get stuck on details. I have a tendency to complicate things.

    Question ...

    What is our responsibility for offers that we do not know what they do when we just push traffic to them? (not asking for legal advice)
    As for staying behind the keyboard what would be a good medium for someone who is starting? Is it a website with just put the offer that is related to the niche or just stay invisible and send paid traffic?

    I will have to try a lot of things before I can find myself where I feel comfortable and where I am efficient.

    At least the good news is that they are many opportunities on the internet. I just need to seize them the right way.

    I also need to upgrade my english and improve how I explain myself. Otherwise when I will do blogs, it wont be easy for my readers to understand what I say. :)

    I am going to do whatever it takes to succeed.

    I am honestly into Internet Marketing and Cpa offers.
  6. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    If you're CPA marketing or affiliate marketing and pushing offers directly, it's PURELY a numbers game.

    If i push x to y will I make z.....it's that simple. Let the merchants and advertisers worry about the offers and if they are legit that's not your job.

    Push traffic and try make it profitable, thats it!
  7. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate

  8. shivamaduncle

    shivamaduncle Affiliate affiliate

    affiliates and pubs, i don't find any differnece

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