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What do you look for in an Affiliate?



What do you look for in an Affiliate? I am all knew to Affiliate network, so haven't really searched or been addicted to them. However, I would look for:

Cookie Period (If you know what I mean :eek: )
If it's trustable

That's pretty much it. :)

What about you?
Hi Eminem,

I look for a useful product that lots of people can use. It needs to sell without offering the biz op.

Also the ability to devise a system so you can duplicate for your downline. There're are a few people out there that have developed some great systems that make growing your downline so easy it's not funny.

Your points are also very important aswell. I would also try and look if they have a leaderboard or something so you can see who is onboard. I try and look for some of the big dogs and see excatly how well there doing and also how they sell it. It can very valuable to do this homework.



What do you think are the best selling stuff? There are E-Books/Scripts which often get sold easily. However, warez forums are killing the chance of making easy money with selling those stuff as people are getting them from those forums for free!

Besides that, what do you think are fetching money/easy to be sold?

Thanks. :D
Yeah ebooks do get sold quick. Also tutorial vids, hosting and domains aren't that bad. I want to look into scripts and I didn't know they were getting given out at warez forums.

What do you sell?


They sure are given out in ALMOST all forums. I didn't start anything as of yet, however, plan to work on certain scripts...just haunting for some good sellers so that I can give one of them a shot...

So atm I am not into any affiliate programs.