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What can be done to make a forum unique?


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There are so many forums around nowadays. Most disappear within a few weeks but there are still some that are managing to get off the ground and grow. What is it that makes these forums unique and what ideas can be offered to new webmasters in order for them to succeed?
Well I have a few ideas, don't want to share all of them as I want them to stay unique but one could be a wall page, similar to a status page, but everyone would post on the same wall.
Make the forum more social, plus because I'm a genius at getting posts, the feature would when they make a wall post, it would automatically reply to the wall thread so your still getting posts but it's presented nicer as a whole different feature.
Not really as people would only use the wall feature, not the thread itself, the thread is just there so that the forum still gets posts. And it would only be one topic.
Add different sections. Find a gold mine and stick with it. It is hard to be 'unique' with forums now days though.