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What Book are You Reading?


Hey folks,

I'm a huge fan of a good novels. I was wondering what everyone else has been reading as of late non-affiliate marketing related.

After hearing everyone rant and rave about it, I just finished The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It was a good book, but I don't think I was as enthralled with it as other people were.

Are there any other literary heads out there? Tell me I'm not the only nerd on this block. :p

Linda Buquet

Oh my I feel so non-literary and so not-geeky compared to you.

I can't remember the last time I read a book.
I live online and am a workaholic with no hobbies.
How geeky is that?


I just finished a book a few days ago. First time I've read a book in at least 3-4 years. It's called "A Size 12 Is Not Fat" by Meg Cabot. Don't let the title fool ya. It was actually a comedic/suspense novel about a murder in a college dorm. Ooooooooh!

I just bought the sequel last week. It's called "A Size 14 is STILL not Fat." LOL! I think I'm going to dive into tonight! :)

It's an easy read. I can't deal with those deep, thought-provoking novels you have to sit and figure out things. Ugh! After 10-12 hours of affiliate marketing during the day, the lighter the read, the better. :D


Gees, It has been a while since I have read a book but the last book I read was the biography on Rocky Marciano.


New Member
I'm a big fan of historical fiction (kinda geeky :eek: ) - I recommend any books by Phillipa Gregory. She writes about the women/monarchy/society in 16th century Europe, her best is probably 'The Other Boelyn Girl', which is being made into a movie starring Scarlett Johanson.

If you're not a huge history buff, another good read that I just finished is 'The Good Life' by Jay McInerney. It's contemporary fiction set in New York post 9/11, sort of a love story/drama.

I'm a huge reader and would love to hear more suggestions too! :)


I'm reading War and Peace right now -- love big, fat, juicy, heavy stories but the problem is its taking me months due to time constraints! Oh's definitely a great book if you like heavy stuff like that.

Sometimes, though I think I should go back to some short novels or something that doesn't take so much concentration! Lol ;)


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Hi gang,

I love to read, my problem is continuing with it once I get started. I always seem to have something else to do, and then my book gets left behind. Hmm maybe I don't love it that much. :rolleyes:

I also always wonder how you can re-read a book? ... and yes I do re-watch movies so don't even go there. :p


I'm strictly a "How-To" and "Non-Fiction" reader. Pictures also help.

Honestly the last book I thumbed through front to back was "How to Conquer the Clutter". Yes, true story.

But I do plan to read my friend's book shortly. And it's fiction mind you. It's good fun, here's the Amazon review: Bank: A Novel: Books: David Bledin

To read or not to read, that is the question....


Hi all, thanks Julia I have to check that book out. I am the best qeek in this bunch. I am 50 plus years old and waiting desperately for the last Harry Potter book....LOL.:eek:


Hi Maranda,

The Alchemist is Ok, but I find it as more of a kid?s book. Nothing against kids books, some of the best I have ever read were directed and the short people.

There are some great books out there. You know my tastes pretty well by now:)

A great one I read recently was a kid?s book called 'the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime' - Great, no clue or hint. Just read it.

As a bit more involved book another suggestion would be Mr Norell and Jonathan Strange' long, magic related but written expertly and gripping!

In the mood for a certain genre? Just ask.


Finding time to read is difficult if you have a busy schedule. I find the best thing is reserving an hour before bed time and curling up with your book. If you're afraid of falling asleep with the book, let me suggest heading to a quiet coffee shop for an hour or two.

Additionally, I know that short stories aren't popular these days, but they are great if you would like a quick read and don't want the pressure of reading a 250-page story in order to find out what happens at the end.

I'm also a fan of fun commercial and non-fiction books.

Here are some suggested readings:
Best American Short Stories - 2006
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell



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My problem isn't falling asleep with the book, it's staying up into the wee hours of the morning because I can't put it down :eek: