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What attracts good PPA affiliates?



I would like to start an affiliate program for my products, but I would like feedback from affiliates before I venture into setting up a program. I sell high ticket items; average cost is around $275. Because these items are in a very competitive niche and my commercial website is still very new, I would require affiliates who actually actively engage in selling and promotion practices beyond simple SEO. For their efforts affiliates in my program would be given from $35 - $75 PPA (sale). My question is twofold ? is the compensation I listed competitive? And how common (or uncommon) are affiliates who actively engage in selling practices: Building good looking sites to serve the products, contacting sites to propose link exchanges, writing promotional reviews to submit to quality sites, etc?


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You have a lot of "determination" to start your affiliate program and I encourage to stick and keep on going with your project and dream :)

I'm not an expert of affiliate starting consultant but from my experience and observation in affiliate marketing, you should strongly consider to insert advertising tools (step-by-step) that you think people should use (tools you're experimented or confortable with that you know they work) once they enrolled in your program. Recruit new people is one thing, have them started to promote/duplicate your affiliate is another thing. Unless your niche market is for "experimented" people in the industry and they can fly on their own.

Unfortunately, with the high rate failure in this industry, part of this reason is that people need to learn and be educated. There's nothing bad when I say that because I've been a "green as grass" of this industry when I started last year. People are sold to make money effortless, maybe you should beware of this tactic to appeal and attract people. I know now there is a lot to learn so you should put as much usefull information as possible along with a training guide (step-by-step, "bullet point" I would say).

You should also insert "fast start" bonus to keep momentum or your new people that will encourage them to move forward. However, consider that even if you have the best system on the planet, if people does not do anything, it will not bring you an income from them and for them. I even have people enrolled in my organisation that do not do anything and I can't do anything for them except I provide them with tips, articles and help. That's part of the game.

Hope it will help you in your project.
Good luck!