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What are good stats for an Affiliate Website?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by TUTTI, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. TUTTI

    TUTTI New Member


    I have started in Internet Marketing in mid-December. So far, the only advertizing method I have used for my product is Forum posting. I post daily on CYN and 2 other Forums related to my product.

    I have StatCounter set-up since last Sunday and I would like to have an idea if the stats are promising or not.

    Here are the basic stats since Sunday January 7th ... as of right now:
    - Page Loads: 43 (16 Tuesday only)
    - Visitors: 31 (7 of them returning)
    - Opt-ins: 5
    - Purchases: 0

    I have a total of 18 Opt-ins since I started on Dec 11th (no purchase yet).

    I know the page loads and visitors show how effective my advertizing is and the # of opt-ins reflects the effectiveness of my Doorway page. I just don't have a feel for what is good.

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  2. newbidder
  3. quantumtiger

    quantumtiger Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Tutti

    I'm no expert on this.

    But You need to consider the sales page,
    is it professional,

    does it give the searcher no choice but to pull the trigger on their credit card?

    And the quality of the traffic, the people coming from those particular forums may not be "targeted" enough.

    What I mean is, lets say you are selling CD players but you posting in forums that are for electrical goods.

    Try searching for forums that are right on target.

    for example google: XXXXXXXX+forums
    replace XXXXXXX with your product.
  4. Mel20

    Mel20 Affiliate affiliate

    I would say that no sales are a result of your sales page or you are not getting targeted traffic to your site.
  5. earner21

    earner21 Affiliate affiliate

    My observation on your stats is: your actual figures are good. You just need more traffic. As a rule of thumb, I allow any link to have up to 250 clicks without a sale before I decide it's a dud! That is really giving it the benefit of the doubt as that particular product might just be in a quiet period for sales.

    You need to increase the number of places you post - and try other methods. Rather than posting on forums, it can be just as effective (and quicker) to simply comment on the forums of others.

    Tip: When you put your name in, create a long fake name, possibly calling yourself by your keywords. I tend to use a double-barrelled one. The reason for this is when you comment you get to put your url in - and your url is linked from your name. If the name is long, it is easier for people to click on it as it takes up more room. So, imagine the difference between the following:
    1) Name = Bob.
    2) Name = Alexander Party Plan

    See where I am going with that?
  6. andreww

    andreww Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Forums are a good source of traffic and convert well, provided you post in the right forum.

    Also, posting strong content tends to elicit curiosity from the readers and you'd have a higher conversion.

    You might also like to use the available ASCII characters on your keyboards to draw more attention like:

    ---> Best Mortgage Consolidation


    >>>>>> Click here for Fantastic Refinancing Quotes NOW! <<<<<<<<

    If you're on a forum with a userbase of 20,000 upwards, you should be able to get at least 500 CTRs... and maybe a 5-10% convert if it's an attractive offer.

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