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Welcome to the New Affiliate Advocacy 5 Star Forum

Linda Buquet

Please join me in welcoming our new "affiliate industry news" forum for Affiliate Advocacy.

Melanie Seery, the Founder of Affiliate Advocacy is an affiliate advocate and she fights for ethics in our industry and tries to help everyone stay informed about the latest issues that affect us. Unfortunately the most pressing issues revolve around all the unfair affiliate nexus tax legislation that keeps cropping up in various states.

Melanie and I both try to come to the 5 Star Industry News forum to keep everyone up-to-date on all these tax issues, but there is so much going on that it's hard. So I created this forum which will automatically pull in snippets from all the Affiliate Advocacy blog posts, so our 5 Star forum members
don't miss any important news.

Affiliate Advocacy is built from the foundations laid by the affiliate community and the advocacy group that met in Albany NY in the summer of 2008 to address critical industry issues. That foundation is based on the power of using a unified voice of affiliates, merchants, program managers and networks. The power of the industry working together towards a united goal and the power of action are the forces behind the Affiliate Advocacy organization.

Melanie Seery is the President and Founder of Affiliate Advocacy, the organization which grew from the advocacy work that earned Melanie the 2009 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award Affiliate Marketing Advocate and the ShareASale Industry Advocate Performance Award 2008. Co-chair of NY Affiliate meetings and speaker at industry events in 2008 and 2009, she continues to work on ways to improve the industry for everyone through education and addressing critical industry issues including the representation and protection of ethical affiliates and merchants. She believes that all affiliates, merchants and networks need to have voices.

Again, please join me in welcoming Melanie and the new Affiliate Advocacy forum.
We applaud all her efforts and her untiring dedication to the industry!
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Welcome to 5 Star Forums, Melanie. Looking forward to reading your updates. :)


Hi Melanie! Welcome to the forum.. looking forward to your contributions. Affiliates need a loud voice. I lost a merchant myself back in december because of state law here in wisconsin (didn't even realize there was anything..) .. they had to expire their affiliation with me.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue has informed us that if we have any affiliates located in the state of Wisconsin, they believe we have a nexus in the state and must collect and remit Wisconsin sales tax..

I was able to go to a different affiliate program and switch out all my promotions, but I feel worse for the merchant who lost affiliates because of it in this state - and probably revenue. And now I'm on the edge of my seat wondering who's next..


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Thanks everyone! This will really make it easier and faster to share information. As Linda mentioned we try to get here to update but some times it gets hectic. A big thank you to Linda for setting this up.

Please feel free to ask me any questions on nexus or other issues. Working on a few things and will be sharing information on them in the upcoming days.

Wisconsin and a few other states dropping affiliates was a bit of a surprise. Unfortunately it is an ongoing problem due to audits (some states are getting more aggressive) causing a quick reaction by some merchants. Glad you were able to replace the merchants.

Thanks again for the great welcome!

Ron Bechdolt

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Welcome (again) Melanie. I know you've been active in our forum but great to see Linda set up a separate section here just for this area. I look forward to your info and have a few questions of my own.


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Thanks again Ron.

And fancy meeting you here Matt M, you sure get around too :)

Thanks again for the welcome and kind words.