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Webvork submitted a new resource:

Webvork - Look at the CPA in a new way

Hello and welcome here! We are international CPA network and today we started to work in open mode! Our conditions are the best without any doubts : our offers are legally certificated, instant payments as requested, high approve rate and our own call-center.

Read more about this resource...
New offer! Idealis released in public!


We happy to represent new offer - Idealis with European GEO. All our offers are exclusive and quality made according to all European quality standards. Idealis is an ideal offer to start working with Europe. Payouts up to $32! Wanna know more details, please contact your personal manager.

Let’s start to earn with ideal offer!
We continue to make you happy with our new offers!

We are launching our summer offer — varicose solution cream Varilux Premium for Italy.

Varilux Premium — beautiful legs for women, high profit for you!

#affiliatemarketing #affiliate #affiliateprogram #affiliatenetvork


25th of July, Kyiv

Nutra meet up in a beach format from FinAdTech organizing team!
NutraTech — first ever open-air networking party with a focus on overseas nutra offers' profit potential. Affiliates, e-commerce and nutra affiliate networks, and producers — all will gather at this event!
We will talk a lot about business and enjoy top European speakers performances in the relaxing atmosphere of a seaside vacation. Also, we invite you to have fun at our All Inclusive Afterparty with top models of Ukraine, elite drinks and buffet.

And there is more to it! A surprise awaits for those who are tough enough to stay with us until the end of the night!
Location: City Beach Club.

Serious business and little pleasures at Nutratech!


Friends, we have much news for you!

We pumped and extended the promotion, that would bring you much more bonus coins!

We extend the promotion on Artrolux + and Artrolux + Cream offers and offer 2 times more bonus coins for approved leads! Be active and multiply points!

We will help you to become the proud owner of a Ferrari, Macbook, Nutratech tickets and other great gifts from Webvõrkshop.

Reminder: you can choose anything you like on Webvõrkshop!

Hurry up! The promotion will last only until August 1, 2019.

You can exchange your bonus coins on Nutratech tickets!

Now you can spend your Webvõrkshop bonus coins not only for cool cars, bikes, or fresh gadgets in our shop, but also for the international Nutra-meetup tickets.

NutraTechConf is presented by the creators of Finadtech!

Watch more at Webvõrkshop

Launched a new offer!

We presented to your attention a comprehensive remedy against parasites made from natural ingredients – Parazax.

Let's help people to feel healthiness and purification, and help yourself to enjoy the pleasure of high profit

Geo - Italy, payout - 30 €

“How to scale an ad campaign?”

As you requested, we shared some tips about the current principles of scaling FB campaign in 2019.

Boost your CR

Start reading this article and 7 minutes later you will learn how to increase the conversion of your site in 2 times at least!

Hi! So, another week has passed, dear affiliate, and I can’t wait to share news for all this time :)


# 1 Special for our Affiliates!

If you are our affiliate, you want to visit the international Nutra - meet-up and find out how to arbitrage so that the €-currency overflows accounts and even starts falling out of the computer - smile and turn to your manager;)

We are grateful that you are with us, and we have prepared special conditions for visiting Nutratech special for you!

Hurry up until tickets are not sold out!

# 2 Meet us at 8P

July 13. Odessa. 8PConf.

Meet us at 8Р Conference. WebVõrk and Leadgid teams will wait for you in the most comfortable lounge open-air area (you can find it by our logos, as well as by the clink of glasses).

Our Ukrainian dream team will tell you literally everything about our offers. They will also tell you all you need to know about our NutraTechConf conference on July 25.

It’s time to make a toast to present and future profit!

And we`ve prepared special gifts for you;))

Come and see it with your own eyes.

And we have prepared gifts for you;)) Come and see everything with your own eyes.

That's all for now. Thanks for attention. We wish you easy traffic;)

# 1 Dreams are just around the corner!

Bonus points packs fly to the accounts of our affiliates! Some affiliates have already got enough for a brand new iPhone. Check out if you suddenly have enough coins for Nutratech or even for Ferrari;)

Dear affiliate, we remind you that double coins for leads on Artrolux+ continue coming to your accounts in packs

Haven`t tried Artrolux+ yet? You should know that 20 сoins for each lead will be accounting only until the 1st of August. It’s time to get started!

# 2 In Odessa, we showered 8P participants with gifts

The other day we've visited this colorful city at a conference with 1800 participants.

This time we've met our current and future partners at our lounge-zone in the open-air with a glass of dry white and gifts. We brought a lot of new contacts from 8P and, of course, new registrations for our future meeting. See you on the 25th of July in Kyiv at Nutratech. More knowledge, more networking, and a mindblowing show program.

# 3 New article

We prepared the article for those who`ve made or just gonna make their own website and don’t know what to do.

Have a good reading:)

Thanks for reading! May the traffic be with you :)
Hi, dear affiliate :)

Two interesting things happened to us last week! And we are happy to share it with you!

#1 We hosted the first international Nutra meetup in Kyiv

It was extremely interesting to combine the business program and the party at such an unusual place. And even the rain didn`t scare us off and let us get to know each other better in a more intimate atmosphere instead.

It is nice that you keep requesting the presentations from our speakers. For example, everyone enjoyed the speech of Eduard Turlo!

An interesting fact: a lot of people came from different countries to meet our speaker Domenico Di Tullio in person. People asked at the entrance “where is Domenico?”, “We came to meet Domenico ”, “please show us Domenico, we'd like to talk to him”. Domenico is very pleased to know that!

Guests appreciated the opportunity to relax and to have an evening pool swimming, and most importantly networking in the relaxing atmosphere. One of the most pleasant moments was when everyone could relax in the chairs, make new contacts and enjoy socializing.

For us, as for those who`ve held a nutra-event for the first time in Ukraine, it was nice to see all affiliate marketing mastodons and trendsetters together.

We are a part of the local community now and we have a strong intention to keep this line in the future.

Soon we will post all the photos and video from the event. Share your thoughts and wishes to Dante @Freedom_Dante

We also had a pleasure to have guests from Germany, Italy and English-speaking participants. We provide all of them with language assistants. And we will send you adapted presentations and videos upon request.

The fact that people travel to another country to watch and listen to our speakers is very significant and means a lot to us.

Thanks to all the participants and speakers!

See you soon!

#2 New section!

While everyone had a good time at NutraTechConf, we are not sitting still. We have prepared a new Friday's traditional section.

From now on, every Friday we will present you a set of cards that will help you to penetrate into the nuances of CPA marketing, especially in trending areas. It will also help to drive overseas traffic

You can find all the cards by hashtag #nutrateka

The first set of cards is already waiting for you on our FB page:)

Go ahead, have a good swipe and write in the comments, what would you like to know about CPA-marketing.
Hi, Dear affiliate. A lot of interesting things happened to us last week. Sit back, 2 minutes of fascinating reading awaits you :)

#1 Valuable pieces of knowledge from Nutratech in electronic form

Starting from the event itself, NutraTechConf participants begged us to send materials out right away, but we`ve decided to take a pause and please them on Monday.

You can download presentations from our telegram chat.

If you have not seen the photos from our meetup yet, follow the link below and leave your comments.

After the NutraTech we`ve created our own sunny chat where we welcome everyone who is interested in nutra topic.

Learn more about nutra and exchange experiences on how to drive overseas traffic. In the same place, we will promptly inform about all upcoming events and receive suggestions. Join us on Telegram @nutratech_conf

Attention: This chat is in Russian

# 2 How did it end?

The last opportunity to get 2X Webvõrkshop coins for approved leads on Artrolux+ is gone.

You can always exchange them for gifts in our Webvõrkshop store.

Some of our affiliates`ve already got MacBooks and iPhones in a full swing.

Congratulations to our affiliates who received a bunch of bonus coins and super valuable prizes, in addition to the main profit!

And everyone else should stay positive because you can get points for leads in the standard mode: 10 points for each approved lead on any of our offers. So you will be closer to your dream, which is so easy to find on Webvõrkshop

Do you have a dream? 一 Super, now go for it!

We believe that you can achieve everything that you want. And we will be with you along the way. Thank you for reading. See you in next letter.

Waiting for new offers? Take it, please!


We present to your attention the CuteCat — cat-shaped marmalade for hair care.

GEOs: Italy, Austria, France

Payouts: 30 € +

CuteCat chewing marmalade:

  • 100% natural;

  • vegetarians-friendly;

  • the ideal ratio of biotin and B vitamins;

  • the high degree of assimilation of ingredients thanks to specially selected natural formulas;

  • beautiful and shiny hair always;

  • provides long-lasting results thanks to a combination of effective components;

  • suitable for all types of hair, nails, skin;

  • stops hair loss and stimulates their growth due to the normalization of dihydrotestosterone level;

  • easy to use;

  • does not stick to teeth due to its exclusive natural composition;

  • the fresh taste of green apple;

  • effective for all ages;

  • has a positive effect on the overall aesthetic appearance.

Start to drive traffic right now and be the first to hit the jackpot from this unique offer! Contact your manager for the details.
Hi, dear affiliate! The time has come for a portion of the latest news. In one minute you will be aware of all the most significant things happened last week. So sit back and relax for a while!

#1 Dvoma, wait for us

On August 30 in Kyiv, our good friends organize the large-scale conference Dvoma 2019.

Dvoma — among the top events in Ukraine about making money on sites and traffic.

This is the 3rd international conference in 3 streams for specialists, affiliates, services, and business. There you will find speakers from various niches of CPA, SEO, and SMM.

And, of course, our colleague Anton Bykov will be with you. He will not only communicate with everyone but also reveal a piece of insider information about working with affiliate programs.

#2 Marmalades for hair

We`ve launched CuteCat — cat-shaped marmalade for hair care. This offer with payouts from 30 € has already made a fuss in Europe. And what do you think? Are you driving traffic on it? Share your thoughts, success cases or questions in the comments on our social networks.

#3 Mixture against FB accounts banning

This article will help you to get armed by knowledge against FB accounts blocking. Read and fill yourself with useful information! Just check our FB page.
Hi, Friend:) Outside is Autumn, but you can warm up with the Webvõrk news. Read further and you will be able not only to maintain positiveness but to improve your media buyer skills.


#1 We`ve prolonged Webvõrkshop til the New Year

The Webvõrkshop store is still working for you! We continue to please you with great gifts and ready to warm your mood whatever the weather is outside the window.

#2 What else you can get at the Webvõrkshop?

Maybe there are some unique persons among you, who dream about the magic speaker from Apple? It’s a good aim, moreover, you are able not to spend your cash on it:)

Despite the fact that it takes just a little space, it forms a balanced audio room. You can place it anywhere — HomePod will adjust and launch waves in a way to create pleasant stereo sound. Of course, you can manipulate it with the help of Siri. But you should notice that you can feel all the joy only if you can speak English.

It’s not too hard to get it in Webvõrkshop, so go on!

Rules are simple:

- drive traffic to Webvõrk offers

- get 10 points for each approved lead

- exchange points for super prizes in our Webvõrkshop store —

#3 New knowledge

We will tell you how to add integrations on your website or edit the existing script without knowledge in HTML or hiring an employee. Follow us on FaceBook.
Hi! If you want to have an iPhone but you aren’t gonna spend your cash on it — now you will learn what to do.

Last week the 3 fresh iPhones had been announced, and we couldn't sit still. Now we share some tips which would help you to get your dream or simply more leads.

#1 The most attainable one
While everybody is saving cash up for the newest version you can get the stable iPhone XR by driving traffic. With it’s majestic camera and almost frameless screen that will be relevant for a long time.

You can get it just for 1000 leads! In addition to your standard profit for sure:)

Drive traffic and get your prize on

#2 What about the brand new iPhone?

Apple`ve shown three new iPhones. Top of them — iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Now we`ve got:

- 3 cameras

- 4 more hours of battery lifetime

- new colour

The name with the Pro prefix tells us that nowadays mobile phones became a professional instrument so you can use it as a lead generation machine in some ways.

Sales will start on September 20 and you can get your device for bonus coins at our Webvõrkshop.

Just drive traffic on our offers, get points and wait for the news on

#3 For a good traffic driving

It's time for #nutrateka

Follow our FaceBook page to see the cards.

Swipe'n'learn how to drive traffic on Prostatricum.
Hi, dear publisher! I’m Sergio Sokolov, and I continue to keep you in touch with actual news and updates.

#1 Christmas gifts for our publishers

Now there is the Address column in your profile information. I recommend to fill it to get a Xmas surprise from us.

#2 On the numerous requests, Apple Watch S5 is actually in the gift store!

Some publishers have already gotten enough leads to pick it up. Do you want to get the watches that help you to take care of your health, become a window to the multimedia world for you and even show you the time?

Drive traffic, get 10 points per every approved lead and grab your Watch S5 at Webvõrkshop —

#3 It's time for #nutrateka

Swipe'n'learn how to drive traffic on Smart Beard Spray
Check out our FaceBook page!
Hi. I’m Sergio Sokolov. I’m here to share the latest Webvõrk news!

#1 New pieces of knowledge

Read and reveal the mystery of converting creatives!
Check our Facebook page for the new article.

#2 Tired of losing accounts?

If you are driving FaceBook traffic you surely`ve faced the problem of banned accounts even if you use cloaking. To relieve the pain of blocked accounts, there is IM KLO. Of course, it’s not a panacea of bans but it has the renewable bots and moderators base, different kinds of landing page commutating and a personal specialist. That's how it increases accounts lifetime. Bring just 180 approved leads or use coins you`ve saved and you’ll get it as a gift at
Earn on skeletons!

You can get + 10% more to your payout rate for CPA working with the joints healing and weight-loss products before the Helloween’s eve.

Promotion is available for these offers: Artrolux+, Artrolux+ Cream, Idealis and Slim4vit.

Increasing will lasts only until October, 31. It’s time to drive traffic!

Ping your manager for more information.