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Website domain recommendation please?


Hi there

I am about to create a website and it will be the first time ever and I am aware you need to buy a domain. I hear the famous ones such as godaddy, hostgator and a few others. The price is similar but does it matter which ones i go for?

I mean what is the difference anyways. Is ti the reliability that I am buying? reputation? service?

Newbie to creating a new website and from the time being, Godaddy looks good to me since it is ranked the highest for web traffic in terms of web serivce

Any advise and comments would be appreciated


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gobear2000, different people could have their favorite for varioius reasons.

I have been using GoDaddy for several years and have many domains with them. I like their price as well as service. They are also the biggest domain registrar in the world. They have been around for a good while and they know what they are doing.

Linda Buquet

Like Larry said where to buy a domain or who to host with is like
what car's the best. Everyone has an opinion. Lots of affiliates seem to use GoDaddy.

Here's what I do: (not saying it's right for everyone)

I like to have ALL my domains in one place even though I have sites hosted at different places. You can end up with a host that goes south, becomes unreliable or no longer meets your needs. So I don't like to register my domains through a hosting company.

So I use for my domain name registrar and keep all domains there and then use a couple different hosting companies.

Thats just personal preference and how I do it.

I REALLY HATE TO RECOMMEND A HOST because even the good ones sometimes start overselling or have downtime or just go bad in general.
I can name a few BIG names that used to be some of the best and most popular hosts and now have the worst reputation.

So ALWAYS due your due diligence on a host and don't just take people's opinions. The best place IMHO to check host reliability (and also to get confused) is WebHostingTalk Forums - Web Hosting Discussion

Go there and search for abc hosting review or just acb hosting - whatever the name is.

Here is a thread about GoDaddy for instance and raises a few issues about why it can be good to keep your domains seperate from your hosting acct.
GoDaddy is TERRIBLE! I am so infuriated right now t is unbelievable!!!!!! - WebHostingTalk Forums

FYI EVERY host on the planet gets complaints so you can't take every complaint as the gospel and need to read a bunch of posts to get a good overall picture about a host.

DO your due diligence on this one. I have nothing to gain here - I just did a ton of research looking for a new host then decided to just upgrade and stay where I'm at. But based on the research I did, this is the new host I would have picked.

If you check webhostingtalk almost all the feedback is positive.
One thing to mention is that if you don't mind having your domain registered at your host, their 9.95 a month plan INCLUDES a free domain name.
Plus lets you host unlimited domains so if you are doing small niche sites you could host all on one account and save a bunch of money.

If I were new and starting out, knowing what I know today, that is what I would do. If would have gone with them I would have gone for a dedicated server, but for you the 9.95 a month plan should be fine.

So anyway thats my long 2 cents.


Hi Linda and Larry

Thanks for the suggestion, I have an idea where to go for web host and I will stick with Godaddy for domain sicne I hear alot of people say it is good so it's no harm going for the big company as in newbie perspective pioint of view.