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Website Design for Mobiles

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by KayTech, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. KayTech

    KayTech Affiliate affiliate

    Hello guys,

    If you're using a CMS, does it actually have a separate design for mobiles, or do you have to make it yourself?

    I think it is quite painful to design both for mobiles and computers so that there would be no compatibility issues, but with that being said, I don't think the CMS I used gave me the option to organize it to be completely compatible with mobiles. Could you guys tell me what CMS you use, and how you've managed to make it compatible?
  2. CPA Evolution 2.0
  3. codetoils

    codetoils Affiliate affiliate

    A mobile website is a website optimized for mobile phone screens, especially for small screen devices. Mobile websites allow limited content and are even faster when compared to regular websites. When using a browser to view a website, then website automatically detects that website has accessed on a mobile phone and redirects to the separate URL to view specific mobile website.
  4. vwebdevelopment

    vwebdevelopment Affiliate affiliate

    Mobile website is a web page that can be open in smartphone or cell phone.
    Any CMS website is open in mobile but the difference is that without Mobile Responsive, website's content not display on mobile's full screen.
    That's way web designer build a responsive website for mobile.