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Web Rage Drives Online Shoppers Crazy

Linda Buquet

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We've all heard of road rage - well now web rage is hitting shoppers that can't handle the frustration of shopping online. According to a recent survey 78 percent of online shoppers complained that their frustration with Web site performance has led them to turn off their computer.

Note to merchants and affiliates - the biggest factor cited as causing Web rage among more than half (54 percent) of the 1,000 people surveyed is the inability to ask questions by telephone. Therefore it is important for merchants to offer an 800# on their sites. However as I have always said, in fairness to affiliates merchants need to track phone sales so affiliates get credit for the phone sales they generate. See other factors that cause web rage in the article below.

<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">E-Commerce Times: Web Rage Turns Shoppers Back to the Street</a> </strong>
"Web rage is a burgeoning online phenomenon," said Deri Jones, chief executive of SciVisum, which commissioned the survey. "With less than half of online shoppers prepared to give their favorite Web site more than two chances to get it right, the message is that online shoppers are showing zero tolerance to poor performance."</blockquote>
Have you ever hit a site that got you so frustrated you had to power down???

Are you a merchant that has questions about affiliate phone tracking?

Are you an affiliate that wants to vent about merchants that DON'T track phone orders?