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Watch an hour of television in 6 minutes


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A new Web site is offering shortened versions of old television shows. Programs that were 30 minutes or one hour have been reduced to between 4 and 6 minutes.

Right now they have Charlie's Angels, Different Strokes, Dilbert, The Facts of Life, Fantasy Island, The Partridge Family, Police Woman, Ricki Lake, Sheena, Silver Spoons, Starsky & Hutch, T.J. Hooker, VIP, What's Happening and Who's The Boss. They plan to add more in the future.

They call each episode a minisode and they offer new minisodes each week. The minisodes feature important portions from the original episode and has enough to give a person a good idea as to what the show was about.

It is called The Minisode Network. Here is a link to it so you can see what it is all about


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It leaves out portions and shows the important highlights. It retains enough so that a person still fully understands the story.


That would work.
Most shows contain so much filler and side content just to fill up their time slot. If you're just interested in the main plot line then this can be a great time saver.
Very unique idea!