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Warning Walmart Affiliates

Linda Buquet

Here's a great lesson on why affiliates need to pay attention to merchant emails and also why it pays to always have a plan B in this business. If you are doing PPC for Walmart and missed the email, you could lose your shirt!

<strong>Walmart</strong> just announced an affiliate pay cut. For example clothing was cut from 12% to 4%. Electronics paid 6% now only 1%. Books and photo dropped from 8% to 1%. Previous overall commission range was from 5-12%. Now it's only 1% - 4%. That's a HUGE decrease and I'm sure lots of affiliates are upset and rightly so.

Granted Walmart has tons of brand recognition and low prices - hence low margins, but that's just too big of a reduction to even consider fair or reasonable, if they value their affiliate channel at all.

Marc Quarles blogs about the <strong><a href="">The Death of Wal-Mart</a></strong>. Marc talks about an Amazon product he was spending $12 in PPC on to make $28.17 in commission. The commish on that product will now be reduced to $4.61. So he has no choice but to pull campaign or switch links to Amazon which is still fairly low paying, but looks pretty good now in comparison. <strong>Marc writes:</strong>

<blockquote>"So, what?s the moral of the story? Always have a plan B. Remember, when you?re in the affiliate marketing game, your income is controlled by other entities. One stroke of the pen could devastate your income, so always have a backup plan, and pay attention for changes such as this.

I?d hate to guess how many affiliates are going to lose their shirts because they didn?t pay attention to Wal-mart?s email, and continue spending $12.00 to make $4.61."</blockquote>

<strong>I wonder if they'll re-think this strategy if the WMT stock plummets due to a decrease in sales? </strong>

Maybe the affiliate channel just didn't generate much for them. But then again maybe the last paragraph of this post has the answer. <strong><a target="_new" href=""> WalMart: Downsizing Affiliate Marketing</a></strong>


Not that this surprising. Wal Mart, as well as most other corporations, could care less about what happens to customers, supporters, or their partners. If their bottom line is dropping then they need to make appropriate cuts. No, I don't mean the CEO or the exec. board should take a paycutt, that is ridiculous. Instead cutting commissions for affiliates is just so easy. There is never any face to face contact between affiliates and the Exec. Board and they already work for cheap. If I already didn't shop at Wal Mart, by Gosh, I would stop shopping there now.

Amelie K

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Biting Tongue

My mother always said "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"
When it comes to anything Wal-Mart, I have nothing to say.


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Why beat up Walmart, this is business 101. This should be no surprise to anyone. For a long time now it has been no secret that Walmart is not making the same margins they were.

The writing was on the wall...


Check the news. Walmart is in trouble so we were bound to suffer (I don't shop there myself):p so Amazon here I come. Always have a backup plan. I saw the email, said a few choice words, then decided to move on.:)