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'Walking Dead' spinoff follows original in April


Right after "The Walking Dead" concludes its season, AMC will bring back the spinoff "Fear the Walking Dead" for a second season.

"The Walking Dead," TV's top series with the 18-to-49 age group, resumes its sixth season on Feb. 14. (Yes, Valentine's Day is for zombie lovers this year!) The series will present eight new episodes.

Then "Fear the Walking Dead" is back at 9 p.m. April 10. The spinoff set in Los Angeles will have 15 episodes in its second season. Seven installments will run in the spring, AMC said Friday, and the other eight will air later in the year.

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Never have I ever liked a single "spin-off" of anything. I don't have high hopes for this one either. I guess they're in the works of making a Dexter spin-off too which I'm not too thrilled with.


I have just never been into these types of shows, and the fact that it is a spin off is probably just adding to that feeling for a lot of people. I do know that a lot of people love the show and rave about it, but it is just not my kind of show or my kind of genre.

I cannot say that I am surprised though because they will try to make as much money from that one idea as possible. It just speaks to the lack of new ideas and just keeping something from the past going. Give me something new any day.