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VOTE! Fav Affiliate Blog at MarketingSherpa

Linda Buquet

MarketingSherpa Reader's Choice Blog Awards voting just opened and guess who got nominated? There are lots of great blogs in our industry and most of the best are syndicated right here at 5 Star so you can easily read all the blog headlines - all in one place. Wouldn't think of asking you to vote for 5 Star, but go vote for one of them. Only 6 Affiliate Blogs made the cut. Which one is your fav???

Sherpa received a total of 1,028 nominations for blogs in every Internet Marketing category. Last year I discovered several great new SEO blogs I didn't know about, by checking out the voting form to see who was nominated. So showing up to vote can also help you find some great new information resources.

Voting is only open for 7 days and ends June 26th at 5pm EST so get your vote in today.
<strong>VOTE NOW! <a target="_new" href="">MarketingSherpa Reader's Choice Blog Awards 2006</a>

Linda Buquet

If you tried to vote but hit a time out or could not get in that's cuz theres has been so much traffic it crashed the voting servers this year. They just set up a new voting service that can handle the load. According to the site:

"We're sorry. We completely failed to anticipate the massive volume of voters for this year's vote. Last year just under 10,000 people visited the voting form. This year our visits topped six-figures in less than a day."
WOW! So get your votes in. I know lots of the guys in the SEO blog category - there are some good ones.

<a target="_new" href="">MarketingSherpa Reader's Choice Blog Awards 2006</a>

Thanks to everyone that already voted for the 5 Star Affiliate Blog!
I appreciate you!

Linda Buquet

Marketing Sherpa Award - Best blog on Affiliate Marketing

Thanks so much to all that voted for 5 Star.
Revenews the most deserving blog won!

How could I, one little person, even think to compete with
more than 40 of the top industry bloggers???
I knew I didn't stand a chance, but it was still fun to be in the running!

Marketing Sherpa Award - Best blog on Affiliate Marketing

by Larry Adams, David Andrews, Connie Berg, Jamie Birch, Chris Boyd, Dave Cole, Joel Comm, Brian Clark, Henry Copeland, Todd Crawford, Chris Criswell, Sean Crotty, Jimmy Daniels, Jeff Doak, Declan Dunn, Ola Edvardsson, Caryl Felicetta, Peter Figueredo, Bill Flitter, Ben Flux, Scott Jangro, Beth Kirsch, Jim Kukral, Duane Kuroda, Dan Leeds, David Lewis, Vinny Lingham, Chris Malta, Colin McDougall, Jonathan Miller, Jeff Molander, Mike Murray, Ben Padnos, Jeremy Palmer, Scott Polk, Wayne Porter, Rick Ramos, Peter Sampson, Chris Sanderson, Brook Schaaf, Tim Storm, Shmuly Tennenhaus, Adam Viener & Brad Waller

Sherpa Note: ReveNews is perhaps the oldest blog in this Awards. Launched in 1998 as an RSS headline feed of affiliate marketing news, it's now packed with fresh, original content co-written by merchant-side marketers as well as top affiliate marketing consultants.

Big congrats to everyone on the Revenews team for a job well done!