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VOIP affiliate program - $40.00/sale

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by ZingoTel, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. ZingoTel

    ZingoTel Guest

    Voip & telecom affiliates

    New VOIP affiliate program.

    Voice over internet protocol lets you make long distance phone calls over the internet.

    Capitalize and earn great commissions in the hot VOIP market

    ZingoTel has partnered with ShareASale.com to offer you great commissions, creative content and the opportunity to earn unlimited comissions. Our affiliate program features 2-tiered commissioning, auto-approve, auto-deposit, and much more.

    Our most popular and best commissioning plan is the '$14.95 unlimited Canada and US calling' with full features (caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding ...) and 2 months FREE service on signup. Simply take any home phone, plug in to the phone adapter, connect to your high speed connection and start calling. No software downloads. Take your number anywhere there is a Internet connection.

    Make $25.00 per sale on this plan.

    We hope to build great relationships with all future affiliates. Visit our site, free to sign up, place banners on your site and start making money!!!

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  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hi ZingoTel,

    Welcome to the 5 Star forums and thanks for sharing your program with us.
    Good to see you are on Shareasale. It's a great network and you should do well there.
  4. ZingoTel

    ZingoTel Guest

    Thanks Linda

    Pulling up this thread again to announce our new coupon code! :)

    Coupon Code: 'valentine' for $5.00 OFF on any of our plans!

    All plans include 2 months free, money back guarantee and more.
  5. ZingoTel

    ZingoTel Guest

    In demand - Voice over IP - Long Distance over the Internet

    Affiliate Partner: ShareASale - Free to join

    Our best selling & best converting plan:

    $14.95 Unlimited Canada & USA Calling
    - Voip broadband phone service
    - All features included: Voicemail, CallerID, 3way calling, etc.
    - 2 months FREE
    - Take your phone anywhere with you - great for travelling!
    - Money Back Guarantee
    - No Software Downloads
    - No Contracts
    Promoting this plan will make you $40.00 USD/sale
    (Banners provided through ShareASale)

    VoIP (Voice over IP) allows you to make long distance calls over the Internet. Simply plug any home phone in to the adapater, connect to a high speed internet connection and start making calls.

    Make More!!!

    We have a 2-tier commisison structure set up as well.
    Sign up new affiliates and make 5% of their sales.

    ShareASale details: free to join, auto-approve, auto-deposit, 2 tier commission

    For more information, please visit ZingoTel Affiliate Program or FREE sign up here!

    Have fun!