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Announcement [Video Interview] TES 2019: short interviews with industry leaders. Part 2

Discussion in 'ZorbasMedia' started by ZorbasMedia, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. ZorbasMedia

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    Hello! Zorbasmedia’s here.

    Here comes the second series of our short interviews from TES conference which was held from 1 to 4 of March in Lisbon.

    Here is what the best of the webcam industry had to say: Kalyn from FF network is certain that the cooperation is the future of dating industry, Katy from Bongacash dispelled all the rumors about webcams being in decline and Shay from IMLIVE explained how to create your own webcam service in a matter of minutes utilizing their white label solution.
    Meanwhile, Peter from ad network TrafficStars told us about opportunities for push traffic for mainstream offers and Ieva from Gasmobi affiliate network gave us her insight on why Leadgen and sweepstakes are gaining so much traction.

    Stay tuned for a video review of the conference!

    1. TES 2019. Ieva from Gasmobi on sweepstakes and credit card submits!

    Leadgen to take over from mobile content?
    How sweepstakes and credit card submits may become the hottest trend in the industry and why should you try it?

    2. TES 2019. Peter Rabenseifner from TrafficStars on adult traffic for non-adult brands!

    Using adult traffic for non-adult brands, reinventing yourself and putting on the heat!

    3. TES 2019. Shay from IMLIVE on being an affiliate in the webcam industry and white label solutions!

    Evolution of the webcam industry as seen by its veteran, how to use white label solutions and why should you become an affiliate in the webcam industry. Spoiler: they can make you rich if you play your cards right!

    4. TES 2019. Kalyn Sanders from FFN network on social traffic and future of the industry!

    Does social traffic work for adult-related webcam offers and why cooperation is the way to go?

    5. TES 2019. Katy from Bongacash on webcam offer promotion!

    Is the webcam industry in decline or is it moving forward?
    What traffic sources are best for promoting your webcam offer and how to do it right?

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