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Very Wierd Formula I cannot figure - Intersting question


Hello Everbody!

as you probably know , been affiliating for 3+ months now ..

I have a campaign that gives me much transactions but I am struggling and dont know what 2 do .. (I have two questions)

if the bid is 0.015 , I get 3 transactions from 30 clicks , total profit is 3.15$ = this is 700%
if the bid is 0.025 i get 9 transcations from 90 clicks , total profit is 9.45$ = this is 456%

I am not sure what is the smartest way to optimize it , I mean , should I stay with the first approach (0.015) or second approach (0.025) ?
should the smartest solution would be : whereever I make more profit on $ is what important? (second approach)

2. How Can I bring more traffic to a campaign? if I use buzzcity on X country .. should I try on Leadbolt or Airpush the same campaign or will I compete with myself?



You do what makes the most money. It looks like the second approach gets your ad shown a lot more, and it looks like this makes up for the fact you're paying more. So if it were me I would go with the second. This is under the assumption all else about the campaign (the ad, the landing page, the product, the time you allowed both cases to run, etc) is equal.


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It's a very common situation. Often times we have to do a comparison between ROI and volume to make a decision, specially when the campaign has a small audience (the more impressions the worse the metrics).

Usually, you have to go with what makes you more money. After all, that's the goal of any campaign.

Regarding the other question, you should scale as much as possible with your current traffic source. That's probably the easiest first step after turning a profit.

After that, then, yes, consider scaling to other traffic sources. The numbers probably won't be the same, but if the campaign has potential you may be able to adjust it and make it profitable on other platforms as well.