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Utopa eCommerce Solution--Recurring Commissions up to 15%



Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Utopa's Affiliate Program. Utopa provides subscription-based eCommerce packages for small businesses that exceeds all others in price and value. A full Point-of-Sale system integrated in with a full eCommerce shopping cart system, inventory manager, web site with WebBuilder, email, free credit gateway and merchant account, and card transaction fees as low as 1.18% make this a bundle that is useful to merchants of all types. Our price points of the most popular packages are $9.95 and $45.00. Merchants can create a website, take orders online, or take orders face to face, all in real-time. Our POS system was design by a master architect, responsible for the POS systems of many Fortune 500 companies, including Amtrak. Whether the merchant or service provider works with clients/customers face to face or is eCommerce-based, or both, Utopa outfits them with amazing tools that are applicable to a wide market segment.

Our Affiliates receive up to 15% recurring commission for up to one year on each new subscription, including commission on all upgrades and non-custom sales. This is a pay-per-sale program--once the first month is paid for, that customer will remain your customer for 12 months.

We pay monthly, at $50.00 or above, and you can access your stats anytime. This is a great value-added product for ISOs or any business model that needs a comprehensive operations and sales program. Our customers can integrate their shopping cart anywhere, regardless if they host with us, and we can incorporate any merchant account.

I invite you to take a look at to familiarize yourself with the product. Then click the affiliate link in the footer, or visit UtopaECS Affiliates for more information and sign-up instructions.

Thank you!

John R. Wyman
COO/Utopa Holdings, LLC.