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Use Adwords? How Super Affiliates Handle Google Slaps

Linda Buquet

Yes Google slaps will continue coming and it will make life harder and harder for a lot of affiliates. But if you look at it, that's actually a good thing! There's a great discussion starting over at Super Affiliate Mindset titled <strong><a target="_new" href="">Are You Ready for the Next 5 Google Slaps?</a></strong> Amit Mehta and Andrew Wee, 2 well known super affiliates discuss what it will take to pass upcoming quality score hurtles and how to succeed as the affiliate PPC game gets tougher. They both make some really good points and if you take advantage of <a target="_new" href="">their insights</a> to up your game, you'll end up on the winning end. They raise some really good issues and give some good advice. I added:
<blockquote>"Good points Amit and all. Let's think about the end consumers too, the ones that ultimately pay us... I'm sure that's a big part of Google's concern.

If quality wasn't controlled and a "flood of affiliates with ugly one page landing pages they throw together with frontpage" was allowed to happen, I'm sure fewer and fewer consumers would even be clicking on sponsored ads. Joe Surfer would eventually learn it wasn't worth even looking at "those side ads" and everyone would lose out.

So while quality score updates make it harder for affiliates that want it quick and easy, I do think it forces the cream to rise to the top. Affiliates like Amit, Jeremy and Andrew in the end will be able to generate more revenue, with less competition, as they take the time to build quality sites and landing pages that pass the big G test and benefit the consumer."</blockquote>
What do you guys think???