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Update your 50onRed bids NOW! You are losing money

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by FunKeyword, Jan 17, 2015.

Have you changed your 50onRed keyword Pops from fixed bidding to Proxy bidding?

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  2. Not Yet

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  3. I do not intend to

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  1. FunKeyword

    FunKeyword Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Screenshot 2015-01-14 02.13.06.png

    Hello 50onRed advertisers,

    If you have not done this yet you are literally throwing your money down the drain... Do not wait... no need to test! Go into the Pops tab of your 50onRed advertising account and change all your keyword bid settings to PROXY from FIXED. (picture above)


    Now that you are not throwing your precious money away lets explain why. There is NO benefit to fixed bids besides a substantial donation to 50onRed. They have provided you with a wiser cheaper bidding option which they are leaving up to you to change. Take it now. The default is Fixed bidding.

    $1.130 Fixed bid will always cost you? That is right $1.130

    $1.130 Proxy bid will cost you $0.001 more that what the bidder beneath you has bid for. (full explanation here). This means you could be paying as low as minimum bid if you have no competition. The maximum you will ever pay is your Proxy bid price. TrafficVance works like this as well for the last couple of years.

    You are getting no advantage from 50onRed for making your bid fixed. Just wasting your hard earned cash.

    If you have not done it by this point just close this post and log into your 50onRed account and do it NOW!

    Be aware that if you were tracking your costs using the 50onRed {bid} parameter then you need to find an alternative method. You should try FunKeyword. It will tell you the true cost of every impression as it comes in live. FunKeywod users do seldomly need to log in to their 50onRed account because it is mirrored and controlled within their SaaS. To read more about FunKeyword check out this post or play with a live account instantly:

    Contact me with any questions,

    [email protected]
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2015
  2. newbidder
  3. cpaheaven

    cpaheaven Affiliate affiliate

    thanks bro, i will change it to proxy

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