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up all night again

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by krystiekan, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. krystiekan

    krystiekan Guest

    I am a newbie here and I was hoping someone could help me so I might get some sleep soon. lol
    I just signed on with the internet middle man and for 150 i got a web site on how to make money e bay on it included. They say I have up to ten affliates I can add. I am searching for the best ones and I'm so confused and now feel ripped off. I had to pay them to have ebay as an affliate and i got silver package but as I surf I could have done that on a site I could have buit.
    I live in rual Mississippi and this laptop is my best shot at any kind of job or career or drive 100 miles. Any sugestions guys. I ordered the site 6/15 still not up but have already got one affliate top online directory. Pleeese Heelppp Meeee someone with a big heart and smpathy . Thanks for replies. I need to make money. I have three kids to feed. :confused: :eek:
  2. Voluum
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hi krystiekan,

    Welcome to 5 Star. I can feel your pain and confusion but not sure I can give you any quick easy answers. Turn-key sites that claim you can make a lot of money easily are typically rip-offs as I think you have already gathered.

    The best way to make money fast really depends a lot on your interests and skills. For instance if you are a great typist and can write copy you may make smaller money - but faster trying to be a virtual admin than you would trying to make money doing Internet Marketing if you know nothing about generating traffic or SEO. There really is not a good fast easy way to make LOTS of money on the net for FREE. You could make GOOD money but it would not be fast, easy or free. You could make FAST money but it probably would not be GOOD or Legal or would have some costs to get started like PPC advertising or something.

    I'm sure this is not what you want to hear and I'm not being pessimistic, just realistic. I hate to see you surfing and hoping while your kids starve. If you are desparate for money right now then you really need to take action to create income today even if it means getting a J.O.B. (Can't believe I just said that.) :p
  4. krystiekan

    krystiekan Guest


    A J O B lol . I do see what you mean and I have alot of internet experience. I am learning about marketing affliates programs, clickibank, word search, how to get traffic thats what's so overwhelming. It's time comsuming. As for the job Honey I agree but I live in xxxxx MS half way between Memphis,TN and Jackson,MS and all we have is a super Wal-Mart no malls no food Franchises like applebee;s. LOL . Its a mom and pop town and one man owns most of the real estate and keeps the big companies out. (serious) So my point is the travel expense to get to a job that pays well enough for my time is not in this town. My husband was tranferred here and its his home and I left a life of Real Estae proff. to be here. I need something to work for me. I have been searching and i know that something has to be out there for me.
    Thanks for your reply, I have paid for a website and im looking for affliates for that. Then with God's Will I will find that job thats made for me. 12 years in sales. May God Blesss You. The Children are fine Im temporarly helping out a mother in distress.That's worth something it pays the heart not feed the bellies lol
  5. herbalclicks

    herbalclicks Affiliate affiliate

    I have been there..... Here's an idea...

    I feel your pain, I too was once living in rural Illinois, corn fields for 20 miles in each direction.... The closest big city was St Louis at 1 1/2 hours away. I too needed a way make money without spending all my life in my car (or spending all my money on Gas!!!) I started doing SEO in 96' and it paid off big back then with very little work...

    I suggest you find one topic you are very passionate about and then search the affilate boards to find a good program to match with your passion. Then register a domain that is relevant to that subject matter and START WRITING!!!

    Make your site the best portal for that subject that you can. Do as much research as you can and update your site daily. If you provide great and frequent content the search engines will start to recognize you. Find like minded sites and do link requests.

    After a few months of this, when the traffic starts to build, then start to recommend the relavant prodcuts of affilate programs you have joined.

    Keep writing and adding to your resource on a daily basis!! Check out all the SEO info out there and just keep at it.

    Good Luck,

  6. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Marlon,

    Welcome to 5 Star and thanks for posting some great advice!
  7. justinsdvds

    justinsdvds Guest

    Question about how to post an affiliate program


    My name is Justin T. Ringler and I was interested in learning how to
    add our affiliate program to 5 Star Afilliate Programs. We specialize in Rare
    and Hard to Find Martial Arts DVDs for Die Hard Fans.

    Thank you,

    Justin T. Ringler
  8. Rob_TID

    Rob_TID Affiliate affiliate

    The only things you really *need* to spend money on are web hosting (assuming you are putting up a site) and.. well that's really it.

    If you spend time reading affiliate forums like this one, you will find that most (all?) of the information you need is available for free.

    Then stick with what you know. You have three kids? Then you're probably an expert on parenting, baby care etc - a potentially very profitable niche. ;)
  9. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Justin,

    You asked: "I was interested in learning how to add our affiliate program to 5 Star Afilliate Programs. We specialize in Rare and Hard to Find Martial Arts DVDs for Die Hard Fans."

    We charge 1595 a month and up to be listed. Your program is probably a little to "nichey" to get a good ROI.