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Unique Offline Method for Generating Signups for Network Marketing and Other Make Money Online Op!

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Joseph Quinn, May 16, 2015.

  1. Joseph Quinn

    Joseph Quinn Affiliate affiliate

    There are 3 steps to putting this method into action.
    • First you need to set up a webinar capture page.
    • Second, go to a place where there will be crowds of people and get signups for your webinar
    • Third, give your presentation and pitch your opportunity at the end.
    I am using this specifically for a new network marketing opportunity that almost everyone is a potential prospect to sign up. With the cost of cable being as high as it is, generating interest for this presentation will be rather easy.

    As I mentioned above my first step is to set up a webinar capture page which you can get a 30 day Free trial from Goto Webinar if you are currently using a platform. I am using a Wordpress plugin that integrates with Google Hangouts to avoid the high monthly costs associated with Goto Webinar that has all of the same capabilities, records automatically, has a chat function for attendees to ask questions, plus allows you to give away a free digital gift to attendees with the push of a button, and much more...

    I live in Massachusetts, not far from Boston which is the major city here and there are tons of people in the downtown area that I can approach and talk with as a potential signup. Aweber has an app called Atom that can store subscribers offline and then uploads them once you connect to wifi. I am going to use this to add people to my list for the webinar.

    My approach is simple for generating interest. I am going to walk around and tell people I am conducting a survey to see the average cost for cable/satellite per household. I am confident that it is above $100 per month. Once I have used that to open the line of communication I will then ask them if they are interested in learning how to enjoy all of their favorite programs without having to pay a monthly cable bill ever again. Most people will be super excited to learn this information so it shouldn't be too difficult to get people signed up. Once they say they would like some more info, I will ask for their name and best email to enter into the Aweber Atom App and inform them to watch for my email later that day.

    I am taking a guess at the metrics and figure if I can get 500 signups that probably 50% will actually attend and maybe 10% will convert to paid members which would be 25 signups. This is just a guess, but I think the results will be somewhere in that range.

    I will send followup emails to the people that don't signup at the end of the webinar to try and convert them. There is also a free membership that I can offer them. The free membership allows them to be distributors for the box and make a commission, but not make monthly recurring commissions that the paid members make as part of the network marketing side of the business.

    There are many ways to implement offline marketing to generate sales online. I will share some more of these methods in my upcoming posts. The great thing about venturing offline for signups is that you don't have 100 different marketers all emailing the same subscriber because they are on 100 different lists. Having fresh subscribers like these increase the chances of your emails being read and ultimately higher conversions.
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  2. terraleads
  3. rigby

    rigby Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, what kind of results did you end up with?
    The majority of Online Marketers really tries to avoid any contact with people.
    That's the reason why there are so many marketers that are still using more traditional methods like cold calling to get people signed up to their services or buying their products (I was selling my own "private label" product in UK before. I didn't get rich because London is such an expensive place, but definitely I've had a decent lifestyle for as long the offer was compelling to buyers).

    Personally, I really love this offline twist and it can definitely be applied to so many niches and services.
    People are pretty comfortable buying online from strangers nowadays, but building that in-person relationship will put you a step ahead of your competitors.

    My question is : have you tried to sell higher profit services through this method?
    I'm thinking about selling for example SEO services that are highly in demand for example among Real Estate agents 9this was the case, at least in London, where people where eager to pay anything around 1000usd (they make way more than that by selling a house to asian and african buyers that god only knows where did they get their millions from...) just to get their sites ranking. Amazingly, the local competition was so crap in London.
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  4. waterfall

    waterfall Affiliate affiliate

    Why not just do it on Facebook groups or something instead? Leverage your time a little better.
    It worked for people back a few years ago when nobody was really doing it - but now everyone is doing it.

    e.g. go on a robert kiyosaki fanpage and start conversations with people or giving value to the group before asking those types of prospecting questions. Offline is fine when you are going about your day but generally only works if you have an attractive lifestyle. If you look broke then they probably won't want to join to be honest - unless you already have rapport with them e.g. they know you. When recruiting people, they will end up prospecting others in the same way that they got prospected e.g. offline. So if you instead set up a system (e.g. squeeze pages) and teach your prospects how to also do that along with other online marketing related skills like putting together a simple wordpress site/hosting/theme, that value in itself makes up for whatever the joining fee might be.

    The value of joining your 'program' or company in itself is not enough to recruit like a pro. The top earners in any company are usually able to recruit at a high rate because they have a lot of knowledge and their time is worth more. Ask them how to be successful and they will teach you what they have done to get to their level. So as you can see if you have not achieved a decent level of success yourself they might hesitate to join 'under' you in your downline because they will also be stuck and not have access to someone for guidance.

    Also, your offer might sound too good to be true. "never pay again" they will be thinking, ok what is the catch. Basically how does the company make money etc. It might be a good hook who knows. That is why you need a lead capture page and start building a list. If your 'pay nothing' pitch doesn't work then try someone more believable like new customers get 6 months of free _____ or 90% off the first year...

    In a nutshell, learn to do it online as you can get far better/scalable results but still do your usual prospecting as you go about your day. Just remember that you can't say the right thing to the wrong person and the wrong thing to the right person. Some will, some won't, so what - whose next?

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