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Twitter Is Helpful For SEO?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Larry Nair, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Larry Nair

    Larry Nair Affiliate affiliate

    What do you think how much twitter is helpful to SEO? If I tweet something is it count a backlink by the search engine. Is it a powerful social media in order to growing up your affiliate marketing business?
  2. terraleads
  3. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    No in general. All the links posted on maximum social media sites are nofollow which means the link juice wont flow to your money site. But it does pass some domain authority and trust which can help you in long run. But if you are planning to rank a site just posting on twitter then its not gonna happen.
  4. Webmaster.Xochitl

    Webmaster.Xochitl Affiliate affiliate

    When you present your articles on Twitter, the link is counted as no follow backlinks that extraordinarily helps for guests effectively.
  5. shasha

    shasha Affiliate affiliate

    Nope, it does not help in seo. No backlinks are counted.

    Maybe yes depending on your tactics.
  6. iansully

    iansully Affiliate affiliate

    Twitter wont improve your rankings, but TRAFFIC will. If you can drive TRAFFIC threw twitter, then you will rank and bank!
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  7. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate

    Do not focus to much on Google and backlinks.

    The goal when using twitter is to get traffic that could potentially convert
    The whole goal of SEO is to get traffic that could potentially covert

    Both are free but with Twitter, you get social engagement and you can reply to your followers. But twitter do not require any SEO expert which save you time and money.

    If you use twitter used it to establish trust by being useful and giving advices you can get leads or customers.

    You can make study case about your offer and talk about it on twitter. These study case can contain offers that can be interesting to the vertical your twitter account is all about.

    You can talk about stuff and use examples like offers that you promote or talk about things that are related to the offer or in the same vertical as the offer. You can then say the rest of the cool information is on your website.

    Once they are on the website they see the info but they are also advertising or links in the page that lead to the landing page or the offer.

    In the end, what you want is people to trust you and make them curious about the offer or something that is tied to the offer.

    Twitter will sell better than Google or any search engine. If people follow you then you already have an edge that no SEO can provide.

    Back links are useful to improve your ranking. You improve your ranking to get more traffic. You get more traffic to get more visitors that can turn into leads or clients.

    SEO is a lot of work and constantly change because the search engines change their algorithm. With your twitter account, if you provide value, it can become the equivalent of having an email list.

    No matter what Google say about your site, as long as you have a good twitter account, you could make money with good tweets that provide value WITHOUT being at the mercy of some big corporation who do not give a shit about you.

    Provide value in your tweet, get social engagement from your followers and try a few angles to promote your offers without being a salesman.

    Only by doing you will know which works best for you
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  8. Daniel Bernhardt

    Daniel Bernhardt Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    If it generates views and actions on your website then it is helpful.
    Then again, if these views are counted with a high bounce rate then it was not that helpful.

    About the value of social Backlinks... they barely have any value for the PR value of Social platforms are excluded from ranking..
    BUT the traffic that comes via the links do have value...
  9. Abdullah

    Abdullah Affiliate affiliate

    All the link from Twitter are no-follow. So in SEO purpose twitter links has no value but it can help you to generate traffic.
  10. marketerbybirth

    marketerbybirth Affiliate affiliate

    There isn't any real connection between twitter based marketing and your website's ranking. As other peoples have mentioned above, if you have loyal followers on twitter, then your active presence there, can bring a huge traffic to your site. This is what we all need! Traffic...
  11. Erik Kyle

    Erik Kyle Affiliate affiliate

    as twitter can only boost your traffic and will give your more conversion but that's no use while doing SEO but still there are some ways or implementation which you can apply for SEO
    first of all be real with your name which means use your legitimate name,make sure you put up a healthy bio.
    To be strong in search engines, your Twitter profile needs the same thing any other site needs: lots and lots of links. Link to your profile everywhere you can, and do so with strong keywords in the anchor text.Get your followers and get recognition so that your credibility rise high.and do stay focused with your tweets, and do remember that it is very much like any other page with a headline, body copy, and links. As with any other page, if that content is keyword-rich, it’s more likely to be ranked well.
    make sure you put your URL though twitter has “nofollow” tag, it’s still an important tool for directing the traffic your Twitter profile gets back to your site.
  12. LeChuck

    LeChuck Affiliate affiliate

    Twitter is good to find leads ! :)

  13. webboxing

    webboxing Affiliate affiliate

    Twitter is an easy marketing tool for Business. To attract more followers on Twitter, resulting in more traffic to your site.
  14. ZorkaMobi

    ZorkaMobi Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

  15. CapitalSEO

    CapitalSEO Affiliate affiliate

    I would say that Twitter is good for Content Marketing and Building Authority. I can be great for funnelling traffic to your site by increasing the reach of your existing content.

    The recent deal Twitter made with Google to show Twitter posts in the SERPS should hint to the value of social media. Google reps have said many times that Social Signals are a Ranking Factor. There has been a lot of research done on this. Google+ in particular can help increase SERP rankings.

    Google uses sharing and engagement data from social media to get an measurement of the value of your content.

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  16. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    After google coming into an agreement where tweets will be ranked, I do think that twitter now plays a very important role when it comes to search engine optimization. It is first a platform that will help you share the product or service you are offering. One thing I like about twitter is its formal look that gives the professional feel of all the users. A well planned sharing and twitting of posts will contribute a lot when it comes to the entire optimization process. remember that it is a big source of free traffic too. So do not underestimate what it can generally do.
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  17. williamjohn

    williamjohn Affiliate affiliate

    Twitter will not be helpful for you to rank keyword. Instead leads can be generated through article posted.
  18. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate

    You are both right and wrong.

    If the traffic is there it will help the SEO.

    The link is useless from a SEO perspective but the traffic and the visitors that keep returning or go visit other page is not. Traffic and bounce rate are two ways the search engine evaluate the quality of the site and that has a strong SEO value. The same goes for Facebook traffic, instagram traffic.

    Google and Bing take the traffic into consideration. If on top of that a lot people come from twitter and go read other pages then the bounce rate is lower (people do not leave right away). To Google and Bing this means the content is relevant.

    The traffic never lies unless it is bot traffic. If the traffic like your content and if you get social engagement, the big search engine will notice and increase your ranking because your site is valuable.
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  19. seeqer

    seeqer Affiliate affiliate

    Here is a cool article.

    7 Twitter SEO Tips: Leverage Social Presence For Better Traffic!

    For the record, I do not know them but the article is a nice read and make sense.

    One super important thing that a lot of people forget about SEO where marketing is concerned.

    SEO from a marketer perspective ...

    Seo is just another way to put the content of a page in front of a customer to generate lead, credibility, sales and branding. The more you are shown to potential customers in a credible way, the higher their trust will become over time. The more you become an authority.

    Twitter is another way to get in front of potential customers and have social engagement. The more you are shown to potential customers in a credible way, the higher their trust will become over time. The more you become an authority.

    It does not matter if in the end all this talk that traffic has an impact on the SEO of your website is false.

    What really matter is this --->
    the potential customers must often see you in a credible way. You must be appealing to them with your content and with the benefits you provide. The more often they see you and the more familiar you become to them. The easier it will be for you to gain their trust because you become a known person.

    If people come to your website in vast numbers because of twitter, WHO CARES if Google put you in page 3 201 197. You get targeted traffic. The whole goal with SEO is hopefully get targetted traffic.

    Every traffic method you use whether it is pay traffic or free traffic, should be about targeted traffic of potential buyers.

    SEO is great for search engines but most people who want to buy visit review website first where they can read reviews like amazon.com or website where expert review a product or a service like cnet.com. Also certain youtube channel can be seen as a review "site".

    They also visit website or channels where they see comparison or between products, services.

    The other big stop is social place like Facebook, forums, pinterest or any where they can have a chat and find out what other people feel about a product or a service.

    Twitter can be one of those stops when someone bring value with his or her tweets.

    Of course they will also see if they can get what they want for cheaper elsewhere. You can be that source of information as well. With a few good tweet about price comparison from popular product you can get a lot of attention.

    Conclusion: invest some time with twitter but deliver valuable content that is helpful for the readers. Establish trust and build your brand. Bring people to your website for more in depth and for a complete page of good valuable info. Once you get the trust you will get more conversion.

    People will not just buy your offer, they will buy "you" (meaning if they like you they will support you buy buying from your link).

    SEO is just another way for you to get client. Just do not waste your time on trying to SEO the hell out of your website. Go where the potential customers are and be helpfull to them.

    Then the traffic will come no matter where (twitter, facebook or forums). Then as the traffic increase, as comment increase and as social engagement increase you get a big boost of SEO.

    During the time the traffic slowly increase, because you are helpful to your customers, you make money. Twitter is just one way to say to people: "Hey!! Look at this cool useful stuff/info I have on my website."

    Look at tweets the same way you look at movie trailer. It should tell enough to intrigue and hype people and once they see the actual movie (your content on your website), they leave satisfy. The next trailer (tweet) they see, will make them even more interested because they will know you deliver good stuff.

    Sorry for the rambling.
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