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[Tutorial] How to play COD (cash on delivery)?

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Idvert_Elaine, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Certified

    Idvert_Elaine New Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    Cross-border e-commerce is booming in the world. Also, cash on delivery (COD) is becoming popular with the retailers and consumers. COD makes it easy, because people can order goods and then pay the money to the delivery-man upon receipt of the goods. COD is accepted across industries, but it is most popular in electronic products.

    The most important issue for delivery agents in the e-commerce is the correct selection of the products. The delivery agents don’t have to care about SKUs, but to find the hottest products of the industry to make some quick bucks as soon as possible. From Tier2 European countries to Southeast Asia, and then to the Middle East, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The market goes through waves where one product is popular at one instant and another at other times. That’s why, it is crucial to anticipate and predict the market behavior to stay ahead of the curve.

    In addition, different markets also have their own characteristics, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Southeast Asian countries are deeply influenced by Chinese traditional culture. These countries are a good market for traditional cultural products. For example, in Taiwan, a market with developed entertainment industry, online KOL marketing is more popular.

    Idvert has already installed a large number of options in its platform providing critical information for the users. Curious users can get all the information needed to predict future’s popular products. Idvert enables users to see the trends and patterns of products on the rise. For example, users can screen for COD ads, and it can all be done with one-click by tapping on option of COD as shown in the picture below.


    And for all COD ads, there will be a COD logo in the lower right corner, which is quite conspicuous.


    Idvert current COD data reaches more than 15 countries or regions. In addition, we also have screening targets for market purposes such as engagement and conversion, which can be used to screen from different advertising targets.

    We randomly selected an advertisement that appeared to be a watch. Clicking on it would display the advertiser's name, product’s image, interactive data, ad duration, ad uploading device, country, LP address and original ad post address, and audience targeting.

    From the data performance perspective, this exquisite quartz watches to women aged 20-60 in Indonesia may have a market.



    After entering the LP, we see that the website is comprehensive and looks like a regular shopping mall page. Clicking on the homepage shows that it is actually a single page sale, but the content is very distinct traditional strong sales model.


    COD also has a strong operating model, such as the advertisement shown in Malaysia below, which shows the products of the brand in the form of a carousel. The copy of the text has a bunch of contact information, and the intention of the guide is obvious.


    Upon opening LP, top of the page informs about the acceptance of the phone and Whatsapp order. Clicking on customer service contact, takes directly to FB messenger. So, the purpose of this advertisement is not direct sales, but guidance. Direct users can call over the phone sales or Whatsapp for a micro-business sales model.


    With a large traffic flooding into the COD market, the cost of buying has risen. Some sellers will invest more operational resources to dig deeper into buyers' purchasing power, and switch from strong sales to strong operation mode to cut the continuous leaks. By constantly extracting user value, that is, Reorder repurchasing this behavior to increase ROI and maximize profits. The traditional strong sales model lacks user operations. As the cost of buying increases, the competitive pressure will become higher and higher. In future, the strong operations model may be a good pathway to improve ROI.

    If you wanna learn more about Idvert spy tool, welcome to contact me or our support team: Skype: live:support_60403
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  2. Voluum
  3. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Wow, I didn't know that C.O.D. has made a come-back! That's very interesting.
  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    COD is rarely an option for consumer products today in the US.

    I remember back in the dinosaur days shipping commercial end products and merchandise for resale COD only when a business had insufficient credit references for shipment on an open account with a 10 day or 30 day Net invoice billing.

    Credit cards have replaced COD shipment to consumers here. In less financially developed markets this may be a viable option. My own experience with shipping COD was a 5% to 10% return rate for non payment and I was stuck paying all the shipping costs to and for the return shipping +the headaches. COD was considered a high-risk transaction as the person buying was not qualified for open account.

    Perhaps, you do not have this problem in the select Asian markets you are doing business in. From the consumer side I can see distrust of unknown sellers in play here. Maybe, in these markets consumers honor their obligations better than here in the United States --that may be ...