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You might have heard of Sweepstakes since this is a fairly well-known vertical in affiliate marketing. This niche is very popular with beginners since it doesn’t require big budgets and is easy to launch. However, just like in any other vertical, Sweepstakes have their own special features.

Check out our Affiliate’s Guide to Sweepstakes, where you’ll find
  • What are Sweepstakes?
  • Sweepstakes Offers and Payouts
  • What traffic works best with Sweepstakes?

Boost your earnings and become a sweepstakes ninja!

Agree, timing plays a major role in launching ad campaigns around upcoming events. Therefore, we created a sports calendar for 2023.

We've put together all the major events, from UEFA Champions League ⚽ and F1 Grand Prix ️ to NBA Finals and Tour de France ‍♂️.

Plan Your Winning Strategy for 2023. Pick and choose which ones to target with your ads!
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Hey everyone! Did you know that Nutra vertical is showing great performance with our traffic? High payouts, stability, a large selection of offers, and a wide target audience make Nutra vertical attractive for both beginners and experienced affiliate marketers.

Despite all the advantages, this vertical can be challenging. That’s why we created our new article, in which you’ll find:

✅ Popular niches and payout models
✅ Top-performing ad formats and GEOs
✅ How much you can make? [Case study]
✅ Ad creatives’ best practices
✅ Targeting and optimization tips

We proudly announce that TrafficStars will now refund advertisers 5 times the amount spent on bot traffic. With this groundbreaking initiative, you can rest assured knowing that your investments are being safeguarded by the industry's leading ad network

Follow the link to get details
What advertising formats would you advise me to use in gambling? In which format will I get the maximum profit?
Hi, thank you for the question! The best ad formats to promote gambling offers are: Popunder, Video, Banner, and Native ads.
In addition to the format aspect, it is crucial to fine-tune your ad campaigns and have a well-established offer. I highly recommend checking out this particular case study, since it contains a lot of valuable tips that can help you with this.
What is your auction for publishers? Can you give more details, there is quite limited information about it on the site
Hey! Please feel free to ask our support team for helpful information about our RTB features. We enable publishers to get more value for their inventory with a competitive bidding process and a large number of demand sources. You can apply for the SSP integration with TrafficStars here.
Hi, can you please tell me about "autobidder" tool and how it can help me in my work?
Hi there!
Auto-bidding, found within the Optimizer, empowers you to automatically modify bids. You have the ability to establish a rule that dictates the adjustment of spot bids, either through escalation or reduction.
Happy National Video Games Day!

Gamers, rejoice! Today, we celebrate the incredible world of video games that has brought joy, excitement, and endless adventures to our lives

But hey, did you know that National Video Games Day isn't just about gaming? It's also about the amazing opportunities in the affiliate marketing sphere and digital advertising that have evolved alongside the gaming industry!

Affiliate Marketing
There are tons of gamers out there itching to level up their game (no pun intended), and affiliate programs are a sweet way to spread the word. It's a win-win-win situation – the company, the gamers, and YOU as an affiliate all come out on top.
Check out this case study in our blog

Digital Advertising
In the digital advertising realm, gamers are a dynamic and engaged audience. From in-game ads to social media campaigns, harness the power of gaming culture to connect with your target market in a fun and immersive way.

Take our fun quiz to test your knowledge in the gaming and advertising realms!
Can you provide more information about the Frequency Capping feature and what frequency is optimal for it?