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Top 50 Article Directories By Traffic & PR

Linda Buquet

For all you BUM Marketers...

Top 50 Article Directories By Traffic, Pagerank

Here are the top 10 out of 50 AS OF April 26, 2007.
The list is constantly updated, so click the link below to get a current list.

Rating - URL - Alexa Ranking - Google Pagerank
1. 495 0
2. 3,504 6
3. 3,800 7
4. 5,128 6
5. 5,952 5
6. 7,631 0
7. 8,419 6
8. 8,597 5
9. 9,494 6
10. 11,336 0

Get the FULL LIST with LIVE LINKS here:
List Of Top 50 Article Directories By Traffic, PageRank

Idea Guy

*hugs* Linda. You are really a blessing in disguise..My friend's been searching for this lately.. This is a great help to him...
Thank you :D

Linda Buquet

Hugs back and you are SO welcome!

I don't deal much with helping affiliates do article marketing.
Just happened to see this and thought it may be helpful to some,
since we've had some article marketing discussions here lately.


New Member
article marketing

Thanks for the list because I have put quiet a bit of time into article marketing and it is good to know the better article bases because I do most of my submissions manualy.