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Top 5 tricks to promoting your affiliate program?


What are the top 5 things I should keep in mind when promoting our company's affiliate program? How can I get others to join? We already offer cash per sale, but the amount of signups we get is extremely low.

Linda Buquet

Hi Ali,

I moved your post down to the Merchant and Affiliate Manager Discussion where you may get more input from other affiliate program owners. The newbie section is for new affiliates who are so new they probably would not have any advice for you.

Hosting affiliate programs are very competitive as you know. Many are already well branded and some pay over 100 per sale. You need to do things to help your affiliate program and hosting benefits stand out. Are you on an affiliate network or what tracking software are you using? Being on a network could help you get more affiliates. Becoming a regular member of this or other communities, jopinging in discussions *without being self promotional at all, can help you build credibility and possibly gain more affiliates.


Hey! Nice website and the pay structure decent.

Linda already identified much and I'm a little bias on this...but definitely take the time to get your affiliate program listed in as many (if not all) the affiliate directories. Yep, people do still use them! You may want to check out the Affiliate Announcement service for this.

Also, utilize PPC and try some viral campaigns. For viral campaigns try seeding some videos and eBooks on the web. For more info on this please check out the Marketing Labs case study.