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Official Top 20+ Affiliate Programs for Christmas holiday season


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager

The holiday season is getting close to its culmination - Christmas and New Year! This means you can maximize your affiliate marketing profits and get the most out of your holiday promotions. Our Indoleads team is already here with the best converting affiliate programs and all the insights. Let’s go for it!

Holiday season e-commerce

According to Statista, when asked about their plans for holiday gift shopping in 2021, more than 50% of consumers in the US said they intended to make their purchases over the internet. Most buyers, regardless of age, anticipated purchasing more or as much via Internet as they did a year earlier. This year the trend stays the same.​


Holiday shopping channels among consumers in the United States from 2015 to 2022, by channel
Source: Statista

This year according to Adobe Analytics, US consumers spent a record $9.12 billion on online shopping during Black Friday, which constituted 2.3% growth YoY. That’s why NRF’s (The National Retail Federation) predictions that holiday sales will grow up to 8% compared to 2021, look quite realistic. And if so, this figure will be above historical averages.

According to NRF, in December consumers will spend $833 on average for gifts, decorations, food and other holiday-related purchases. According to the PWC Holiday Outlook report, this sum is going to constitute approx. $1,430, which is up 20% over pandemic-ravaged 2020 and more than 10% over 2019.

What do people buy?

In 2021
Let’s see what U.S. consumers preferred to receive as a gift last year Christmas:​

Source: Statista

The #1 on the wishlist was money. What can bring money? Easy earnings of course. One of the obvious solutions here are betting platforms and sweepstakes: they cover the main wishes for cash, gift cards and gadgets.

As for clothing and shoes, all kinds of electronics, makeup and jewelry - promote the best e-commerce offers, we got them all, just keep reading!

This year

According to the newly released “Holiday 100” edition by Google Shopping, which lists 100 of the most popular gift ideas based on Google search queries this holiday season, there are tens of categories of products which are being searched right now: beauty, electronics, gaming, health, sports, toys, kitchen gear, etc. So basically - e-commerce steals the show!

Some of the most searched products include:
Food dehydrator
Massage gun​
Barbie Dream House Playset
Lego Santa’s Visit
Toy piano
Under desk treadmill
Gaming Laptop
Over-ear headphones
Gaming chair
Electric bike
Electric scooter
Acrylic nail kit
Bath bombs
Lug soled loafers
Sherpa jacket

So which product categories should you definitely keep an eye on as an affiliate?

Gadgets, clothing/shoes, toys and beauty products are very much desirable for users.
  1. Electronics: during Thanksgiving week online sales surged 221% over an average day in October, Adobe said.
  2. Toys: Toys are another popular category for shoppers, up 285% compared to regular days.
  3. Clothing/shoes: one of the most stable categories, which always stays on demand.
  4. Gifts for pets: according to a survey provided by Morning Consult and Personal Capital, 34% of Americans will be purchasing a gift for their dog and 22% for their cats. And for a second only 19% of Americans will be purchasing gifts for their in-laws, you see the priorities?
PWC expects the following distribution of expenses:
  1. $754 on gifts
  2. $452 on travel
  3. $224 on entertainment
Interesting trends in shopping
  1. Gifting experiences
Another interesting trend - the rise of experiences popularity. According to Deloitte, spending on entertaining at home and socializing away from home is expected to increase 7% year-over-year, to $575 per household.

With pandemic-related restrictions easing, consumers are more eager to go on trips, attend concerts and eat out. The Transportation Security Administration said screenings were up 33% from last year, and according to Eventbrite, concert bookings are up 42%. Also, the whole pandemic situation and the crisis in the world reminded people that life is short and precious, and that experiences can be much more memorable than stuff.
  1. Travel
Holiday travel is another huge trend. According to a PWC report, 47% of all consumers plan to travel this holiday. Of that 47%, more than two-thirds (69%) will travel by car. However, air travel is on the rise too: 46% of travelers plan to fly, which is 6% higher compared to 2021 and 33% in 2020. Of course, many will end up using a combination of air and road travel to reach their final destinations.

Those who plan to travel also are going to dish out heavily with an average spendings of $2,441 this holiday season, which is $1,000 more than the average consumer. Here again, millennials lead the way, with 63% planning to travel. Online booking sites are leading the list of the most popular ways to book travel: 45% of travelers (60% of traveling millennials) use them for holiday travel.
  1. Last-minute shopping
According to the statistics, 62% of US shoppers buy gifts in the week before Christmas. Sounds like a solid reason not to relax huh?
  1. M-commerce on the rise
During the holiday season people use smartphones more frequently and hence shop via mobile devices too. 29% of young millennials (ages 26-30) will shop via smartphone this holiday season, versus 22% for all age groups.
  1. Paying with credit cards
According to NerdWallet, about 72% of holiday shoppers in the US will use credit cards for this year’s gift purchases, charging $663, on average, according to the survey. That’s more than $103 billion on credit cards. Inflation is playing its ugly role here, so people are interested in taking loans and credits.

What matters the most before making a purchase?

  1. Price
  2. Convenience
  3. Speed of delivery
  4. Online reviews
  5. Free returns
Source: PWC Holiday Outlook 2022


Home delivery has become the most popular option for online shopping in North America, and consumers are becoming more demanding - they prefer those that offer proof of delivery, real-time tracking and flexibility on timing. So when choosing what programs to promote - choose the one with fast and stable delivery.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Christmas Holidays


  1. DHgate Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: up to 15%
Promo: up to 50% Off
  1. Aliexpress Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: up to 9%
Promo: up to 60% Off
  1. Youbeli Affiliate Program
Payout: 3.6%
Promo: Multiple campaigns
  1. Blibli Affiliate Program
Payout: up to 4%
Promo: Multiple

  1. Philips Affiliate Program
Payout: 4%
Promo: Up to 35% Off

  1. SteelSeries Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: 5%
Promo: holiday sale on selected items

Clothing and Shoes
  1. Cole Haan Affiliate Program
Payout: 60%
Promo: up to 60% for selected items
  1. Crocs Affiliate Program
Payout: 5%
Promo: Christmas Deals Up To 40% Off
  1. Farfetch Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: up to 13%
Promo: an extra 20% Off + Free shipping
  1. Superdry Affiliate Program
Payout: 10%
Promo: 20% Off on Women Partywear
  1. DressLily Affiliate Program
Payout: 15%
Promo: Christmas Deals Up To 40% Off

Beauty products
  1. LookFantastic Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: up to 12%
Promo: Up To 30% Off
  1. Foreo Affiliate Program
Payout: 7%
Promo: Extra 10% Off with a promocode ADD10 + free gifts

  1. Missoma Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: up to 7%
Promo: free shipping and extended returns (depends on the GEO)


  1. Thriftbooks Affiliate Program
Payout: up to 3%
Promo: up to 20% Off for selected books + bonus points

Sports goods and accessories
  1. Scheels Affiliate Program
Payout: up to 8%
Promo: Multiple deals

  1. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: 6%
Promo: Free Shipping & Free Returns On All Orders for US GEO
  1. Suunto Affiliate Program
Payout: 3%
Promo: up to 40% discount on selected models

Musical Instruments
  1. Reverb Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: up to 10%
Promo: Multiple deals depending on the GEO, e.g. up to 50% off select gear from Fender, Korg, and more for US GEO

Pets products
  1. Chewy Affiliate Program
Payout: 4%
Promo: Up to 40% Off

  1. Trainline Affiliate Program
Payout: up to 30%
Promo: train and coach services during holidays
  1. Klook Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: up to 5%
Promo: use promocode WHERETHISHOLIDAY for a holiday discount, additional discounts with particular payment options.

  1. Ticketmaster Affiliate Program
Payout: up to 1%
Promo: Holidays events guide

VPN services
  1. VPN Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: 60%
Promo: reduced price for VPN services

  1. Atlas VPN Affiliate Program
GEO: worldwide
Payout: up to 100%
Promo: 85% Off

  1. Upgrade Personal Loans Affiliate Program
Payout: up to 140$

Wrapping It Up

It’s a high time for affiliates to focus and put in every effort to enjoy the holiday season profits to the fullest.

Here are some advice from our team how to add a festive profitability mood to your creatives:

Stick to these themes in ad campaigns: special offers and discounts, limited-time offers, Christmas spirit and belief miracle. Use one or two or mix them all up, because let’s say - they convert very well.

The sense of urgency: countdown on landing page or the urgency in the text like “Only for the first 100 users”, “Only 2 hours left”, etc.

Test it all: make at least 5 creatives and test them, you never know which one will drive the most sales.

We wish you the happiest holiday season affiliate marketing!
And by the way, it’s the best time to join Indoleads, as we have 2000+ affiliate programs for all the hottest niches!