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Tips & Tricks for Maximizing the Invoca Pay Per Call Platform

Discussion in 'Pay Per Call' started by rexdirectnet, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. rexdirectnet

    rexdirectnet Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Most pay per call networks utilized the Invoca pay per call platform for tracking and reporting. How can affiliates maximize the value of the technology to their advantage?

    Here are 2 features not widely utilized by affiliates today in the platform:

    1. Call Promotions
    2. Ring Pools

    To access these features, you may need to request them from the network you are working with. Start by logging into your account. Then click on "Account" under the logo, then "Features". Select RingPool and Call Promotion options as desired. Once approved, you will see features available in your account.

    How to Use Call Promotions to Your Advantage

    Once approved, the "Call Promotions" tab will be next to the "Advertiser Campaign" tab on the main page.

    Call Promotions can be used to:

    - Maintain a consistent phone number for a given vertical. This is especially important for print, tv, and radio campaigns. Unfortunately, pay per call campaigns, like others in our industry, go up and down for various reasons. If you find it frustrating that your phone number is no longer valid and you are always losing money, use this strategy.

    - Filter calls to improve quality. Use question feature to further quality traffic prior to sending to ultimate campaign destination. Examples of good practice include the weeding out of customer service calls when buyer only wants to pay for new customers or classifying service type and redirecting appropriately (e.g. for health insurance, press 1, for auto insurance, press 2.)

    • Goto Call Promotions Tab
    • Create New Call Promotion
    • Give Promotion a Name (e.g. Auto Insurance Promotion)
    • Then, select options you want to optimize offer. For the most basic choice, select "At Start of Call "Select Transfer Destination". Or ask questions utilizing text to voice technology.
    • Select one or More Destinations (i.e. approved campaigns)
    • Leverage slide bar to manage call distribution options (e.g. weighted distribution vs. automatic optimization)
    • Select Done
    • Return to Call Promotions Tab
    • Find Call Promotion Offer you just made and manage "NUMBERS"
    • Add promotion number and source description
    • Use this phone number for marketing
    - ADVANTAGES: Whether you have one or more destination campaigns in your call promotion account, you can change the offers on the backend as necessary and maintain the marketing phone number. This way as campaigns come and go, your media can remain consistent and you can continue to monetize traffic from that source (i.e. this is especially true for print).

    - DISADVANTAGES: There is no URL associated with the call promotions campaigns, therefore landing pages and code integration is not possible. Also, ring pools are not available for call promotion offers. As such, detailed tracking is not possible.​

    Since this is a lot of information already, I will review How to Use Ring Pools and other tips and tricks for using Invoca in a separate posts.

    Hope you find this helpful. If you agree with this approach or have a another use or strategy for this feature, feel free to share!

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2014
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  2. newbidder
  3. ringpartner

    ringpartner Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Great stuff! More publishers should take advantage of these tools.

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