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Tips to improve your daily CPA earnings.

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by CPAInfinitySteve, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. CPAInfinitySteve

    CPAInfinitySteve Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    From our blog - Infinity Weekly | CPA Infinity Weekly Blog

    But I believe that most of you can benefit from reading this, even if it's just a reminder.

    You can generally promote anything to anyone at any point throughout the year, as someone in New York may be convinced to go on a vacation mid-year to the Bahama’s so they may want to be in shape before they go so you would be able to push them a weight loss offer, even if it’s mid-winter.

    Some of the niches I’ve always found to be staples where adult(18+), dating, self-help such as weight loss, and quitting smoking. The reasoning for this is the following.


    It’s built in to our chemistry makeup to need love, acceptance, compassion, so on and so forth. No matter how much someone denies it, they not only want, but need love, they may be shunned from a past relationship or even current relationship. It’s your job to convince them that they not only want love, but need love. Also, to not just want and need it, but to need it at that exact moment. You may play on the strings so to speak, and list several reasons as to why they need love such as on Valentines day, who wants to be alone? I know I personally don’t. Holiday’s around the world, wherever you may be located, or wherever you’re targeting the offer no one wants to be alone on a holiday, they may have family, but everyone needs their significant other. For dating offers, I’ve always liked to stick with promoting it along the lines of showing someone that’s happy with their significant other, whether it’s male and male, female and male, or female and female, you don’t want to show them a picture of a person in skimpy sexy clothing. The reasoning for that is that when clicking on the ad or image, they will be expecting to see more, which will be explained in the next section for Adult(18+). Now, say you had a women with a bikini on in your PPC ad copy, you will more than likely get a fair amount of clicks, but out of all of the people who clicked, not too many will convert as it was misleading in their eyes and it will result in one of the following – low quality leads or costing you more money than you would of liked as you will be getting charged per click(if using PPC).


    Adult offers have been around for ages, I believe since the 90′s if not earlier. The reasoning for this is similar to the reasons of dating offers but it’s slightly different. As with every species in existence, there is some sort of sex drive. A need for connection, a chemical in the brain. Now, for those of you that didn’t know, the reason any sort of sexual pleasure feels the way it does, is because during the act, a chemical is released in the brain called endorphin’s which is a pleasure chemical that is released during physical activity and exercise mainly. Now physical activity and exercise is basically a sexual act. The reason adult offers catch the eye to women and men is because it’s built in to our nature. A fair looking bottom(on a woman) is due to the reproductive nature of human beings. The reason why adult(nude) offers do well is because the sensation of watching it, your brain is interpreting it as if you where the one in that video, whether you are a male or female, you’re brain is interpreting that the person in the video is you and whatever may be happening is happening to you. Now that the little education portion is over, time to get down to the money making part. Adult offers do well virtually year-round but mainly Holidays and primarily Valentines day as with dating, no one wants to be alone. For those who are unfortunate enough to be alone on Holidays such as Valentines day, some may choose to pleasure themselves. You need to play to their weakness in order to get them to convert because if they’re seeing your ad, whether it be on a pornography website from an ad network such as Traffic Junky or on your own website, they’re obviously interested in that nature and they’re ready to go so to speak. So all you have left to do is convince them to click on your ad and not just click on it, but to get them to convert whether it be a Pay Per Lead(PPL) or Pay Per Sale(PPS) offer. What I would recommend if you’re new to the Adult scene is this – look at the most popular videos throughout the internet for the past few weeks, see what made them popular, why they are popular, what you think caught the users eye. Reason being, you will be able to take that information and use it in your ad copy. Whether it be the language that’s being used, image(s) that are being used, keywords that are used in the video, etc. One of my personal favorite websites / exchanges to promote adult offers on in Plenty Of Fish(POF) https://ads.pof.com/ The reasoning for that is because if you can imagine it, you can target it so to speak. If you have an offer that is targeted towards a specific religion, you can target it. From my personal experience, the best age range to target is around 18 – 29. It varies per offer, location, gender, and so on, but that’s a fair general age to target.

    Weight Loss

    Weight loss is currently a fairly well niche to promote at this given time. A few years back some of you may remember “Acai Berry”. For the amount of conversions that people where getting, it couldn’t of sold better if it was free. People ate the offer up like no tomorrow. The reasoning is this. Nobody like to wait for anything, people always want immediate results such as lifting weights, most quit after a few days or weeks as they don’t see the results they want, or they look for a “get there quick” scheme. Which is what the majority of weight loss products are. All it takes to lose weight is exercise. Whether you live off of McDonalds or if you’re a vegan. All it takes is exercise as what causes weight loss is burning more calories than you’re taking in. There is no magic formula, just common sense. Those who are interested in weight loss products are the ones who don’t realize that there is no magic formula and they want to see results right here right now, as far as the shakes, or pills that are out there. But as far as the exercise programs such as P90X and MMAFit, those types of programs are mainly for people who know what has to be done, but they don’t have any direction and want to do it the right way and see results instead of doing it the wrong way and risking serious injury. Now as far as marketing, keep in mind, you won’t be targeting someone who is in good shape, as why would they need to get in better shape? It would be a bit like trying to market a Rolls Royce to someone who already has one. You may get somewhere, but chances are, you will be simply spinning your wheels. You will want to target two different types of people depending on what you’re trying to push. If you’re trying to push something like Acai Berry, Garcinia Cambodia, something along those lines, targeting those who are in fairly good shape couldn’t hurt as I stated earlier with endorphin’s, the feel-good chemical, the same principal allies to health / weight loss. Those who feel good, want to feel better. One thing to never forget about society and people in general, everyone has an addiction, and the one addiction that 99% of the word has is “more”. More money, more love, more cars, more possessions, more happiness, and so on. So you would have the best luck targeting those who are in good health if it’s an offer that’s a “feel good” offer such as a health shake. If you are targeting those who are interested in losing weight with something like P90X or MMAFit you will want to target those who are interested in exercising such as Jogging, or you may want to target people who are watch the television show Ellen or a similar show such as Dr Oz. From there, you know they they are interested in the offer or at least the niche you’re promoting. From there, you could create a landing page(LP) to help really sink their teeth in to the offer as you already got them interested, so why not tell them what you want them to hear? From there – they will go to the offer and you will not only achieve a higher EPC, but you will achieve higher quality conversions. Quality > Quantity.

    Quitting Smoking

    Quitting smoking is a new crave in the past few years. It’s on the up-and-up because a fair amount of people are tired of the affects that smoking has on the body, such as discolored teeth, breathing issues, health risks to others around them, and so on. Now, trying to get someone who smokes to quit overnight – virtually impossible unless you’re right there breathing down their neck. So why not pitch them the next best thing? The Electronic Cigarette(Ecig), now, a lot of people have tried the e-cig that looks like a normal old cigarette, but how many have tried the e-vaporizer? Below are two pictures showing which each one is.

    This is the e-cig that everyone is used to.

    This is the e-vaporizer.

    Now, an e-vaporizer uses liquid that can be flavored however one wishes, countless styles, strengths of nicotine, and so on. Now, the online earning of them is virtually non-existent, but you must keep in mind, the majority of people who are selling these, are the people who own corner stores. They never where introduced in to affiliate networks or publishers. The benefits of the switch are countless, such as no tar, no chemicals, no smell, no teeth stains, and so on. The majority of these companies that manufacture these e-vaporizers are only interested in distributors, so you may be able to purchase a few thousand dollars worth of these and sell them locally, or even online. The possibilities are limitless.

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  2. terraleads
  3. CPAInfinitySteve

    CPAInfinitySteve Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    To close this post, a quote to always keep in mind whenever you’re starting a campaign, online or offline, “A sale is made on every call, either you sell them on a reason they can, or they sell you on a reason they can’t.” now I know that we’re not exactly calling people, but we’re contacting people. Calling is just another form of contact, but we have the “one shot” as we’re not actively speaking with the people we’re pushing our ads to.

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via Skype, Email, LinkedIn, or even Facebook if you prefer.

    Thank you for reading this and I hope that you have gained some knowledge out of this.


    Stephen Stepanik, Owner of CPA Infinity
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  4. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Whoa! I hadn't thought of it that way, thank-you for posting that quote, Stephen. It has made an impact on me.
  5. CPAInfinitySteve

    CPAInfinitySteve Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    That quote is from a movie I believe it was called "Boiler Room" - it's one of my favorite movies.

    I'm glad you got some value out of this post.
  6. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing man!:)
  7. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    great post! would love to see more of these from you.
    thanks man.
  8. CPAInfinitySteve

    CPAInfinitySteve Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    You're welcome, I'm glad you found some value in it.

    Of course, I'll start posting similar posts shortly. I was unaware that the users of the fix would be interested. From here on out - I'll be posting similar posts more frequently.

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