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Tiered Link Building in 2015 (SEO Guide)

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by CharlesFloate, May 28, 2015.

  1. CharlesFloate

    CharlesFloate Affiliate affiliate

    It's my first day and I'm already on my 2nd guide! Just trying to push out some content straight onto this Forum, as I like to make an impact in any community I join, straight off the bat.

    Tiered link building is a pretty difficult subject to approach, there's a lot of different strategies out there and if you look at posts from years ago, they'll say very different things from today - Same with most SEO.

    In this guide, I'll be showing you:
    - Which links I use for Tiers
    - Why I use specific links for Tiers
    - How to go about your anchor text ratios

    So, without further ado..

    Step 1) Tier 1 = Trust & Power

    Tier 1 Links I find acceptable:
    - Authority links (Wikipedia, BBC, CNN, Yahoo News etc..)
    - GOOD PBN Links (Generally, TF15+/DA20+, but make sure to manually review your PBN domain links!)
    - Guest Posts (White hat techniques or you can buy them from a number of different sources)
    - Social Profiles (Some social networks offer dofollow links remember, and nofollow diversity helps)
    - Local Citations (I recommend Loganix if you have the $s or PBN Butler for a cheaper option)

    You can use a mixture of whatever anchors you want here. Personally, I use branded on authority links, guest posts, social profiles & citations, exact/partial anchors on my PBN Links.

    My Tier 1 anchor ratio is about 95% branded, 3% exact, 2% partial. That sounds excessive, but I go for long term rankings, even though I do black hat SEO.

    Extra Tier 1 links for {anchor|nofollow} diversity:
    - Niche relevant blog comments (I personally use Adss30's service, but it's better if you can do it manually or hire a VA)
    - Niche relevant forum links (not profiles, contextual links within a post)
    - Niche relevant Web 2.0s (Hand written content ONLY)

    Make sure you only use branded anchor text for these links.

    Step 2) Tier 2 & Growing Your Tier 1s Juice!

    So, your tier 1 links will stick because you've done them as I said in my 2015 Ranking Strategy ( God's 2015 Ranking Blueprint | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix ) and you control nearly every link pointing to your site.

    Your tier 2 stick rate is just as important! You want your tier 2 links to stay, so they'll:
    1) Power up your tier 1 links over time
    2) Look Trust Worthy as they grow with age
    3) Don't drop off after 3 months like GSA Spam & cause your tier 1 links to loose power.

    I do NOT recommend automated tools (Such as GSA etc) for tier 2 links.

    Tier 2 links I find acceptable:
    - Cheap PBN Posts (TF5+, you can build it yourself which I recommend or try to find services offering posts at $1 - $3 a post that have good reviews)
    - Lower TF SAPE Links (Monthly rentals, make sure to buy these for the long run)
    - HQ Hand Spun Links (I suggest hiring a VA for this, or if you have the time DIY. These will NEED to be powered by Tier 3s or you pass limited juice)

    You can follow my manual spinning tutorial here: Advanced Manual Spinning Tutorial by God of SEO

    There are also various hand spinning services out there you can use, personally I use iWriter: iWriter Tutorial - Get Manually Spun Content, Cheap! - God of SEO

    Step 3) Tier 3s & Indexing Your Tier 2s

    I still don't like spam links, my Tier 3 technique is purely to get my tier 2 links indexed quicker and start passing juice to my Tier 1s, I don't really use Tier 3s to pass juice and never really have.

    Links I find acceptable for Tier 3:
    - Blog Comments
    - Social Bookmarks
    - Directory Submissions

    I only want links that I know will get indexed, things like web 2.0s etc.. Require a layer of links that point to them to get indexed, I only use links that are on pages that already exist, pages I know Google will crawl.

    Step 4) 301s & Shit

    I've been a big fan, and still am a big fan of aged, niche relevant 301s powered by PBNs & SAPE style links.

    I buy my aged, niche relevant domains from the Namecheap marketplace. Simply enter a generic keyword for your niche (e.g. "Health" or "technology") and click the "Price" button once your results have loaded, this will then sort all of your links by the lowest price first - Copy and paste into a link checker (make sure it's not spammed) & a domain age checker (I generally go with 3 years age or over) and you'll be able to pick up cheap, aged domains - I've picked up an 11 year old, 25 RD (referring domains) domain for just $15 before!

    301s allow you to protect your money site (to an extent) from links that you might not want to point at your money site directly, like shitty PBNs, SAPE or other large link networks. These means you can be a bit more aggressive with black hat, but still protect your money site.

    Thanks -

    I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a reply here, or a PM.

    I'll be posting more SEO Guides here soon, so any Feedback is welcomed, as I'd love to improve them even further with your suggestions.
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