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Thousands of KW - New PPC Tools

Linda Buquet

Advertisers should all be ramping up their PPC campaigns for the Holidays so I thought I would share some tools and tips for generating additional keywords for your paid search campaigns. Paul Wright over at the Fish and Clicks Affiliate Marketing Blog shares some new software, tips and step by step methods for generating thousands of keyword combinations - easily and quickly.

<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">How to generate thousands of keywords for your Paid Search campaigns</a></strong>.
Paul writes: "On my travels I?ve discovered that there?s plenty of web based tools out there that will help you build and develop your keywords but they all seem to be rather clunky or offer limited flexibility. That?s why I was so excited to find this little gem? Keyword Convert. It?s a stand alone desktop application that grabs your keywords, calculates all the permutations, spell checks and throws in suggestions from a thesaurus then spits out the results into the familiar broad, phrase and exact match formats for your paid search campaigns? lovely jubbly!"</blockquote>

I discovered a couple other new keywords tools that look really good too, down in the comment section of Paul's blog. <a target="_new" href=""></a> and <a target="_new" href=""></a>. I already use the DigitalPoint keyword tool and <a target="_new" href="">Goodkeywords</a>, that were mentioned. I want to also try the <a target="_new" href="">SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool</a> from Aaron Wall. The software Paul uses is is 19.95 and has a free trial. So check out <a target="_new" href="">Keyword Convert</a>.

Got any other cool KW tools to add to this list?


Keyword Tools

Here are some keyword tools I use:

Google Keyword Tool at the affiliate guild ... click KeywordToolExternal or wait for page to go there for you.

Yahoo Keyword Tool at the affiliate guild ... wait for page to load for you.

Keyword Typos Tool at the affiliate guild.

Keyword Optimization at the at the affiliate guild.

Keyword Density Tool at the at the affiliate guild.

Keyword Suggestion Tool at the at the affiliate guild.

Keyword Map

Yahoo Buzz Log is a helpful resource to know what is hot.

Symbiotic shows your their top 1,000 keywords ... want to find out what's hot?! It's an extensive database of Adsense Keywords for bid values, clicks/day and historic high and low data.

Foxfire also has a bunch of great add ons for their browser that are SEO related.

I also have a few little tools like GRDka (older tool) and use Wordtracker for big professional paid projects.

You'll notice that most of what I use is FREE. I don't go to the paid tools unless I really need to. You'll find most of the time the free tools will meet your needs as affiliate marketers ... that's my opinion anyhow.