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This one is HOT! (((Cha-Ching)))

Jeff Shepherd

Hi guys!

I wanted to post here to let you know that Diffuser World Inc. has just launched their affiliate program. Diffuser World has been around for years and already has a stellar reputation among Natural Health and Aromatherapy professionals and retailers, Now they are taking on the Web in a BIG WAY and Affiliates will take the lead. I have posted the info on the program below. The Off-line sales commissions really make this program unique. If you want in on the BIG$$$ being made in this exploding market then this program is a "MUST JOIN"

Let me know what you think.

Join us and discover why

"Diffuser World Affiliates Make More Scents"

As THE WORLD LEADER in Aromatherapy Nebulizing Systems, Diffuser World provides cutting edge products that you simply will not find anywhere else. High quality, unique products with high customer demand and a fast growing market are key to Affiliate marketing success.

At Diffuser World our average sale is between $100 and $300 per order. Customer Satisfaction is near 100% with over 27% of our customers returning to purchase products for friends and family. That's repeat commissions for you!
Our 365-day cookie and your very own coupon code ensure that you will earn commissions again and again.

Diffuser World affiliates earn 15% commission for sales both ON and OFF the Web.
That's right! By using any or all of the promotional tools we provide, you will generate commissions from

As a Diffuser World Affiliate you will have complete access to detailed reports on impressions, clicks, sales, commissions and more from your own Affiliate Admin Console. We provide you with a variety of Banners, Text links and Product images as well as the ability to create custom links to any page in our site.

Become a member of the "First Team" in Aromatherapy. Join the Diffuser World Affiliate Program and promote the hottest new products in the fast growing Aromatherapy and Natural Health industries.

It?s easy to join. Just visit the DiffuserWorld (.com) website.

Essentially Yours,

Jeff Shepherd

Great News!

Hi Linda

Your NEW Niche Market Tools could not have come at a better time.

I have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT regarding Diffuser World and our Affiliates!

I must WARN you though that our "Niche" market is EXPLODING and may not be known as a "Niche" for long.

Many of you have joined us already but for the others let me give you the scoop.

Diffuser World is the Worlds Leading Manufacture of Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffusers and our Essential Oil Diffusers are preferred over ALL others by aromatherapy professionals and practitioners everywhere.

Our market is the very lucrative and quickly growing Aromatherapy market "Niche". We just opened our market to affiliates last year and already our active affiliates are wearing big smiles. ;)

That said heres the News.

Diffuser World is so pleased at the performance of our Affiliates that we would like to announce to our current and future Affiliates that effective immediately ALL Diffuser World Internet Sales will generated by a Diffuser World Affiliate.

Yep! you got it. as a Diffuser World Affiliate you will have NO DIRECT COMPETITION! No one but you can stop you from earning whopping commission checks.:D

What this means is that Diffuser world will no longer wholesale any of our products to be sold on the internet.

We will no longer be drop shipping or authorizing ANY web site to sell Diffuser World Aromatherapy Diffusers other than our Affiliates.

We will be giving our Affiliates full rein to earn commissions with NO Internet retail competition!

Until now our products were being sold all over the internet by many e-tailors BUT NO MORE. Today our Affiliates have the opportunity to swoop the market and take home HUGE Commissions!

Many have already!

I should also mention that our affiliates earn commissions from off-line sales too. Yep even phone orders! but you will have to read about that on the website.

I should sleep now... :eek:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Linda Buquet

Love your positive, affiliate-centric attitude Jeff.
Hope you can sleep tonight, you sound pretty excited!
Glad you like the niche tools.