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The Weather Channel Announced its iPhone App Has Undergone Redesign

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by nevesibyjoner, May 17, 2012.

  1. nevesibyjoner

    nevesibyjoner Affiliate affiliate

    In an effort to streamline its digital offerings, The Weather Channel has today announced that its popular iPhone app has undergone a major redesign. It started with the launch of the iPad app, and just a few weeks ago The Weather Channel followed suit on the web. But the iPhone marks a major portal between TWC and its consumers, in that mobile and weather undoubtedly go hand in hand.

    The redesign reminds me a bit of HTC’s Sense 3, with the home screen offering up a weather-themed background based on the weather outside. The user interface seems much more navigable, but the features themselves are getting a bump as well.

    The revamp streamlines the TWC app in a big way, in that you can have as much or as little weather as you’d like when you hop in the app. You’ll obviously get automatic weather updates, but the ability to save more locations or expand more detailed information within the app makes it a much more friendly user experience.

    It’s clear that The Weather Channel is trying to unify its digital products. The company added social sharing features to the web site, which will also be available on the iPhone app. This includes the ability to upload a photo of your local weather and publish it to iWitness, Facebook, or Twitter.

    According to that, sounds like quite a lot of work has yet to be done, but either way the new TWC iPhone app is a huge improvement over the last version. So if you’re interested in downloading the app, head on over to the Apple App Store and check it out.
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  3. pennylove

    pennylove Affiliate affiliate

    I think updating an app is essential to stay relevant within the times and users. Technology is ever changing and it's only normal that apps should have that change as well. So TWC's move is in the right direction and I will surely check out the major overhaul they did with their app. Thank you for sharing this!