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The Story of a newbie that turned into a pro in less then 12 months


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I am not new on the 5* Affiliate forum, but it has been a very long time since my last visit.
Lot of good things happend to me ever since.
And because the Valentine e-mail the Moderator send my, I decided to pass by and post a few words.
So here they come:
To every struggling marketer, this post is a true story
let me introduce myself first: my name is Carine Gonsaeles, I am a 47 years young, professional marketer, living in Belgium, my native language is Dutch, I have 1 partner and 2 cats ;) and a comfortable new build house near the Belgian cost and near France.
Next to my marketing home biz, I exploit a Bed and breakfast, althought our home is not especially designed to do this, the reason for doing it anyway is to be able to have some social contact.
You see, the only downside of this business is:
we spend way to much time alone with our pc.;)

I can still remember my first time here and my first attempts to try to make it into the world of marketing.
(God was I a newbie at that time). :eek:

Maybe the moderator will still remember me, I turned to her with so many questions, ....that she propably turned green, as soon as she spotted me.:(

As many of you here, I was determined to earn money from home, and online and if possible rather sooner than later.

So I spend about 2 months - surfing the internet , crying for help, searching for THE program that could MAKE ME RICH, jumping from one forum to an other, etcetera etc.

And I did it up to 10 hours a day! Yes, I practically did not sleep or eat...
I was determent to make it, it almost became an obsession.

But after spending all that time, money and energy on falls promisses from gurus and useless programs, my motivation went down and I finally hit the bottom and I hit it HARD.

One day, filling in one last form ...thinking: if these promisses are incorrect, so what, i have nothing to lose...
I shut down my computer and even fargot about it.

But then, a couple of day later, I received a phone call, from a woman who asked me of I was interested in finding out How to become a successful entrepreneur, a wealthy business owner, no matter what my product or service was, even if i didn't have a product or a service yet.

She told me that she could show me how to add 15,20 even 30Reps/week into my marketing business.

I laughed when she said she could help me achieve financial freedom.

She said: ' the only thing you have to do is become a marketer first, get all the right marketing techniques and implement them into my biz.

And then it HIT ME.

What I have been doing was wrong.
This was not the way to do it.
How could I possibly think that growing a home based business in marketing and getting successful doing it COULD EVER BE DONE THIS WAY.

So I started using my brains and my comman sence and I let her send me a marketing report.

And BANG there it was.

If I would like to earn money from home, if I would like to succeed in mlm, network marketing or affilliate marketing,

I needed to become a MARKETER FIRST.

And Yes, I did hit the Jackpot.
Now I am working from home, I did leave my job, my dreams came true.

And it CAN happen to You TOO

But you must become a marketer first.
Get the Education.
Get the top level marketing techniques.
Get the right tools and I can promise every newbie here :


Did I have to work hard?
Did I have to be teachable?
Did I need to put many hours into this?
Of Course.
Was it free?
O no, there is no such thing, nothing is for free.
But I gained much more then I spend.
In fact, I was in profit within 3 months.

And now 1 year later : I am working from home, on the computer with my cats next to me.

You Can Make A Lot Of Money
With An Awesome Marketing Plan And A Mediocre Product
You Will Never Even Come Close To Making As Much
With An Awesome Product And A Mediocre Marketing Plan.​

REMEMBER IT's All About Marketing

If you are struggling, it is because
the marketing is missing in your affiliate marketing, or network marketing...

By the way, Linda, thank you for your patience and your support.


Linda Buquet

Hi Carine,

So glad you have turned things around and are doing well.

Such a touching story. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
Glad my Valentine's Day newsletter brought you back over.

Don't be a stranger! :)

Happy Valentine's Day


<b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator<
Carine, I remember your early days here. We had a lot of private message exchanges because of a number of problems you were having with our forums. It is good to see that you have made so much positive progress since then.

It is good to see you back here again. I hope you will be able to visit us in the future and possibly join in some of our conversations.


New Member
Good to be BACK & Happy ALL

Thank you moderators, if feels good to be back.
I promise to pass by from time to time,... althought summer is comming, Just Kidding

No, to be honest, I had a very very busy year. And a person must make choices, or business, or pleasure.
Linda thanks for the Valentine mail & invite, yes, that mail reminded me and brought me back.

Special thanks to Larwee, yes my friend, we shared a lot of mails and you had to solve quite a few problems ......

I did make it as a marketer, but did I improve as a forum visitor??
I don't think so....,
you see, even after 1 year - I still Can't Post in The Right Place :rolleyes:

(speedy is back :eek: ,poor Larwee)

To the people that wrote a reply, thank you and I wish you all Lots of Success in Your Personal Life as in Business.
Next time, I will give you guys a Golden Tip for a Great Affiliate Program.
Keep passing by.

Need to work a little bit now, it is almost 10AM. Bey Bey


Nice Story Of Success

It is always nice to hear and read of newbies that have become successes on the internet.
This story is inspiring and should encourage all of us who are still struggling for success and recognition to keep working smart.
Get the needed education and go achieve your goals.


I liked it. Nice story but what is THE marketing plan? I had been searching for that for nearly 5 years until I gave up and decided to do something else online altogether. Care to share? :)


Thanks a lot for your story. I've been in internet marketing for more than a year now, and still no real success. I spent most of it trying to get money out of clickbank - like blood from a stone! Some of the products are just SO CRAP, they wont sell no matter how many visitors yous end their way - I kept thinking the fault was in me, so I kept trying and trying with the same product.

Being stupid as I am, I then promoted a couple of other clickbank products. I did get a few sales (made a total of $240 so far), but I'm still not impressed. I then started with CPA and have a constant income of $30 per month with freebie offers, which also kinda sucks :s

I'm trying promoting products on Amazon atm.

Anyways, about this marketing business - I've always had the belief that I have to get good at copywriting and it's something I'd like to do - how did you get good at it? What books would you recommend and did you take any courses? Thanks in advance.


Linda Buquet

Good for you Carine! Yes, I too, am curious to what your product and marketing plan is. Care to share?

I'm sorry Shannon, Carine's post was almost 2 years ago and she hasn't been here since then, so unfortunately I don't think she'll see your post. I'm not really sure what kind of business she got into but based on some of the wording it sounds like MLM. We don't really focus on MLM here, so maybe she moved on to an MLM forum.

Linda Buquet

Anyways, about this marketing business - I've always had the belief that I have to get good at copywriting and it's something I'd like to do - how did you get good at it? What books would you recommend and did you take any courses? Thanks in advance.

I'm sorry it sounds like you've had a bit of a rough start so far. Hope we can help you learn to turn things around.

I'm curious what niche you've been focusing on? Finding the right niche is the foundation of getting off to a good start. Try reading the stickies in our newbie forum and then the niche marketing forum.

As far as copywriting, the only resource I tune into is It's a blog that offers really good tips if you already know the basics of copywriting. Sorry but I don't really know of a good basic book or course about copywriting.


Thanks for your reply Linda I'll have a look at when I get a spare moment. I'm focusing on HDTVs on amazon at the moment.

I really feel I should improve my copywriting skills first, but a part of me wants somehow to get a constant income stream flowing before I embark on improving myself. My sig will lead you to an example of what I'm trying to focus on atm. Reckon if I focus on Amazon, I'll be able to get that income stream. I have to say I really don't trust that clickbank is giving me all the sales I'm getting. My website stats show I'm getting many more click-throughs than clickbank seems to be recording.

I'll have a look at the forum stickies :p


Hey I have been reading through the thread, very encouraging for newbies like me. You have mentioned to 'BECOME MARKETER FIRST'. Can you please expand more on it?

Linda Buquet

richkid, like I said above Carine's post was almost 2 years ago and she hasn't been here since then, so unfortunately I don't think she'll answer your question and I'm not sure what she meant exactly.


I think what she may have been getting at is along these lines:

You can build all the fancy websites you like, with jazzy jQuery rollovers and flash animation. You can spend months tracking down the perfect product to promote which you know will convert easily. You can spend a fortune on PPC advertising in all the major search engines but what it ultimately boils down to is:

If you don't market your ads to the right people, in the right ways, you are certainly destined to fail. If that awesome site never gets above the 5th page on google or those ppc keywords you bid on are just too generalised and the world and his wife click on them looking for products other than yours, you will never make any money no matter how good a product you're selling.

At least that's my take on what the op was saying. A nice, touching story that should inspire others to keep plugging away.