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The Simpsons



Who watches the simpsons?

I think it has gotten pretty old now but I watch it when there is nothing else to do :)
The Simpsons is a classic cult and I will never get tired of watching it! I didn't get the humor when I was kid until I was old enough to appreciate it. It's really not for kids though but definitely entertaining and somewhat relevant!
I barely watch the Simpsons anymore. I don't know why, but I guess I outgrew it or something. That show did used to be the shit back in the day though lol.
We don't actually get The Simpsons here, so I haven't watched it for years
I haven't watched it in twenty years either. It used to be my favorite show on television and I was quite upset when they stopped airing it in my country. twenty years is a long time and, even though I miss it, I've learned to live without it.
That has to be an amazing career to have, to be the people who voice The Simpsons. Over 20 years working on this show, I'm sure it pays well, and while most people know their names and have occasionally seen them, they still keep this level of anonymity. Like, if I passed the woman who voices Bart, my mind wouldn't register it was her and I wouldn't think to say anything. To be able to maintain normalcy while being a cultural icon has to be great.
It's a pretty good show but I never did watch it much for some reason. I watch it when nothing else it on though. But if I'm going to watch cartoon shows I prefer to watch King of the Hill, Family Guy, American Dad, and stuff like that.
I watch it whenever there's nothing else on TV.
It's easy to watch since most episodes are pretty good, especially the older ones.