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The New Bitcoin Conspiracy


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Bitcoin's novel revolution is over. Bitcoin has been taken over by wall street, the major corporations and the big banks. Now what?

>>>In which case, don’t be surprised when the Federal Reserve comes to its rescue. It’s easy to forget that Wall Street can’t be distinguished from the Federal Reserve; the financial elites know that if something goes wrong, Jerome Powell, chair of the Federal Reserve, will be there to step in and bail them out at whatever cost.

And if the next crypto crash does threaten to bring down their system, if wildcat banks like Tether become too big to fail, our current financial power structures will do everything they can to ensure that the status quo is maintained. Two classes of elites will become one, with the “less desirable” parts of the crypto world —  and likely the taxpayer’s purse  —  becoming collateral damage.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. But with the likes of Goldman Sachs combining forces with such unsavoury characters in the crypto elite, it is not impossible to imagine them wreaking havoc around the globe:
<<<The crypto revolution is failing

Well, that seems a bit of a "sky is falling" conclusion but since I have been tracking Bitcoin and GBTC (Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Stock) the range has been narrow --but then the Bitcoin price range has been narrow in the past so it may mean absolutely nothing.

Want to buy a bag of electrons wrapped in a sack of faith :D Digital currency is just the ultimate gamification of money. Let the real games begin ;)


A fascinating article. Thanks for sharing.
To tell the truth, I don't really believe in conspiracy theories. But some of your assumptions are very true.
The only thing I'm sure of is that cryptocurrency is the future. I think that crypto is the future currency, and soon physical money will simply cease to exist. Naturally, such money is much more convenient in general and also in terms of tracking them. Also, we should not forget that in this way, states will stop spending money on the issue of physical money.
I like this kind of future; this is progress.
In the meantime, we just have to mine and hope that we can find crypto.

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