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The Most Exciting Affiliate Program EVER!

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by JustinHarrison, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. JustinHarrison

    JustinHarrison New Member

    The fastest growing affiliate product on the Internet?
    Start cashing in on this billion dollar underground industry!

    ? The LifetimeDownload.com affiliate program has been an overnight success since its inception in October 2005.

    ? The program has attracted some of the biggest names in Internet marketing and is being dubbed by many the ?underground affiliate product of the century?.

    ? The LifetimeDownload.com affiliate program sells itself? just add the banners to your site and judge the success in your own capacity.

    LifetimeDownload.com has been independently rated as the number one file sharing network, where members can access free music, free games, free software and free movies.

    Do you think your website visitors or e-zine subscribers would find value in such an offer?

    OF COURSE THEY WOULD? and that?s why LifetimeDownload.com became an overnight success, and the reason why we have been paying THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in commissions to individual affiliates.

    Not only is this program one of THE MOST PROFITABLE programs on the Internet, but our payouts are unbelievably fast? we pay YOUR commissions directly into YOUR Paypal account?. No waiting for cheques to arrive and independently audited by the Paydotcom affiliate network.

    This Program Speaks for itself?.

    ?I just wanted to write to you guys and tell you how impressed and amazed I am with your affiliate program. I have been promoting affiliate products for 4 years now, and I have never experienced such a phenomenal return on investment. In fact I hope you keep this program private, the profits are really just too unreal to share?? Brad Mitchell

    Well there you have it folks straight for the horses mouth, don?t let this opportunity pass you bye?

    Product Sales Page:

    Signup for this affiliate program at:

    Company Information at:

    Contact us at:

    Kind Regards
    Justin Harrison
  2. Voluum
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Justin,

    Welcome to 5 Star, but you may not be glad you posted.

    Programs like this concern me because of 1) spyware and parasites 2) potential legal issues. I know the site says no spyware, adware or malware, but you just never know. Just putting my concerns out there so affiliates can look with both eyes wide open and decide for themselves.
  4. JustinHarrison

    JustinHarrison New Member

    In Response:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your concern, with regards to your questions/statements:

    1) Spyware and parasites

    In these types of network environments there are always risks of spyware, adware, tojans, and malicious scripts. To deny that would be a plain untruth?

    However our networks have implemented strict control and file verification to ensure the utmost safety of our users.

    Additionally we provide an up front safety guide for our system, informing members of all the risks and the preventative steps that can be taken whilst on the network.

    After all is said and done is there still some level of risk? well yes of coarse there is, just as there is with email and browsing the web without ensuring that certain safety precautions are adhered to.

    However, our servers are certified free of these threats and our software does not come bundled with any form of the above risks? this is the key difference in our system.

    2) Potential legal issues

    Without going into extensive detail on this, because this post alone could constitute several pages or more.

    Our system works on a fundamental ?P2P concept? (although there are differences)? barring all that has been said, published and done? and recent favourable legal battles in this regard:

    Generally content on the web is made available as copyrighted, under a creative commons license or without any legal copyright framework? the latter two points are within the content frame that we support.

    OK so now the grey area, can someone use this to download copyright material, YES ABSOLUTELY!!! (Against our written advice, probably the users own personal judgement and barring all potential legal ramifications)

    There are some overriding factors that come into play here:

    1) That such content is actually available through the network
    2) The users option to initiate such an action
    3) The fact that networks like ours are seeing a fundamental shift where new producers of various content are actually paying to ?market? for lack of a better term their free content in favour of recognition and market place acceptance.

    So why should the members of this forum consider our program.

    1) It?s a good all round product, with great service and a dedicated team backing this project.

    2) We are a young dynamic company with a passion for driving this application and service which will in time bear not only the fruits of success for all associated with us, but also prove our longevity.

    3) Our remarkable success thus far, proves an undeniable WANT and NEED from within the market place; such market forces cannot be ignored or overlooked.

    4) Most importantly this service adds value to people?s lives, brings the power of triple convergence right to everyone?s finger tips, and does so whilst generating timely profits for all those involved.

    Is this program everyone?s cup of tea ? probably not, but I think it?s fair to allow forum members to have the choice, the exposure and the opportunity.

    I am sure each person?s individual judgement will call into action the relevant and timely decision.

    Kind Regards,
    Justin Harrison
  5. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    You know what Justin? I really appreciate the fact that you were so up front and honest about the way things are and didn't try to blow smoke up any of our members tutus. You know exactly what you have to offer and how to promote it. Thanks for taking the time to answer my concerns. I'm sure it will buy you some brownie points with our affiliate members.
  6. JustinHarrison

    JustinHarrison New Member

    Hi Linda,

    It?s only a pleasure and thank you for your investment of time and effort in researching our program; I noticed from our log files that you spent a considerable amount of time at our site reviewing our project.

    Keep up the great work!