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Ask Me Anything The email subject is the first door

Venezuelan marketer

Hello everyone this is my first time posting on a forum and I am very excited. So I hope to give you all as much value as possible

I've heard many times in my affiliate days that it's the content of the email that matters, and it's partly true, but I get to thinking "Would anyone enter a house with a horrible door?". Logically no and that's where many fail as they throw the subject line in the trash and put anything as if they were talking to a robot. People are not machines and the subject line is the first impression that leads and readers have when they detect our mail in their inbox. What I want to do today is to give some tips to improve the subject line, since it will depend on those small characters whether we exist or not for people. :affiliatefix:

1): Do not make a deal by starting with an offer:

Let's say you own a men's pruduct store and you send these emails to your list:

A bad example would be: " 30% on shavers for you".

it is an aggressive way of showing an offer and people will close their minds to you when they see that you start selling.

A good example would be: "Have you shaved by today?

The subject starts with a question which makes many men feel identified because we always forget to give a little love to our face. This makes men open the email and inside it is the copy with the offer.

But here you have already won the first round because your subject line has worked.

2) Do not make such a formal matter:

Perhaps this may seem strange to you but in excess of formality can go down very badly even to an executive. I'm not saying you should go overboard with your readers, but use language that makes them feel like they are part of your life.

Bad example: "Hello Mr. X, this is today's report".

Good example: "It's the moment you've been waiting for Mr. X".

The first one feels gray and even forced.

In the second one you feel a more cheerful energy and a better treatment. Who doesn't like happy people in a sometimes hostile world?

This has been all for now I will continue with this topic tomorrow. If you like me please let me know your experiences and advice on the email subject.

Have a nice afternoon :affiliatefix:


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Stick to Español

That syntax is wrong.
The syntax is wrong, YEH ! but what makes you think it’s related to Spanish ?
In Spanish we say (Te afeitaste hoy?) which literally means (Did you shave today?)
The literal translation of (Have you shaved by today) > is > (Te has afeitaste para hoy)
Which is WRONG

- Samira