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The double opt in problem


I'm using a double opt in list managment and autoresponder system.

More than half of my "prospects" remain "pending". Meaning they don't click the link in the confirmation message.

I'm aware of all the possible reasons (I think) like mail filters, the content of the message, targeting the right visitors to my optin page etc.

Still, I wonder - is it normal that only 50% actually confirm?



Hi Rotem,
That does seem like an unusually high number of unconfirmed subscriptions.

Since I don't really know the nature of your demographic, the best I can do is offer some advice that's worked for me.

On my sign up pages, I mention that the list is double opt-in and that they will need to confirm their subscription to start receiving the mailings.

On the thank you page, I include a screenshot of what the confirmation e-mail will look like with an arrow directing them to click on the confirm link.

I also mention that they should white list my e-mail address (i.e. whichever e-mail the confirmation e-mail will come from) and I include information on how to contact me if they don't receive their confirmation e-mail.

If you're including a bonus for subscribers, make sure that the confirmation e-mail doesn't contain the download link (only the e-mail that gets delivered after they confirm).

I've also published some additional tips for increasing newsletter confirmations.

Hope that helps,
~ Teli


New Member
I believe the most important part of any drive is follow up. I am very sure a lot of the pending prospects have tried to get back to you, and for some or other technical reason, they cannot get the message to you.